Hi guys, I was meant to be doing my work experience today ( 🙁 ) but I know that what we are doing now is more important than that.

I wanted to just update you all and talk about my school work. I decided to join EPQ because even though it’s a lot of work hopefully i can complete it to help me with studies outside of school as what i’m researching i find interesting so hopefully it won’t be too difficult. I have decided mine is going to be about cosmetic surgery within the NHS as I am interested in going into this field in the future so i am hoping it will help me learn more about the profession as well as the ethics and laws behind it too.

I have read a few books already as well as watched a few videos (mainly on youtube as well as others mentioned earlier in my blog. I am currently reading “Medical Ethics” by Robert Snedden, “Cosmetic Surgery” by Kaye Stearman and “Cosmetic Surgery” by Andrew Campbell. Although they are all covering very similar ideas, each book has information specific to that book so i can find facts i wouldn’t have otherwise known which is useful.

Hopefully i’ll be able to cope with the workload of the EPQ and manage to complete it!

Stay safe and I hope to hear from some of you 🙂