Hi guys,

This would have been the end of my work experience week which is quite sad however I am managing to participate in multiple virtual work experience courses which is new for me! I am currently taking part in a course that i am able to follow at my own pace however during June/July I am also having another virtual work experience course as I had applied for real life work experience there and had managed to gain a place however it’s now being made virtual due to coronavirus ( I talk more about this on my post from 24/4/20).

I am hoping these will give me the experience I need as well as teaching me more about the NHS as a whole. During this time I am also hoping to rearrange my work experience for a better suited time in the future. I am also looking for voluntary work in hospitals currently as I know this is a time where much help is needed so I can help out with smaller jobs within the hospital to take the workload off of key workers as well as to gain experience of hospital life.

I have started to write my personal statement and research universities in more depth hoping to narrow down my final 5 courses which has been quite stressful but I know that I will make the right choices for myself. I am continuing on with my EPQ and school work at home which is difficult but I am grasping the concepts more easily now as I am finding better ways to work from home.

I have been doing a small part time job at home helping my dad talk to clients and to plan out their ideas in the most effective way possible. Although I am helping him do flooring for clients houses I believe that the skills I am learning are very transferable to any job as great communication and problem solving are key skills for anyone, especially for people within the medical field.

I am trying to gain as much experience despite the situation at hand so if anyone has any advice or ideas for me please let me know! I hope you’re all safe and healthy and I hope to hear from you soon

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