Hi guys,

recently i’ve been doing Nottingham WAMS work experience week online which was meant to be taking place in a hospital however has been moved online due to current circumstances. I’ve been distracted with my school work so I haven’t been able to post as often as I would like to unfortunately but luckily i’ve managed to find some time to update you all.

I’ll be making separate posts for each session as i have a lot of interesting things to discuss so look forward to seeing them.


My first session covered personal statements and medical admissions tests which i found really useful as it’s difficult to study for these and write my statement with limited contact with my school for advice so this allowed me to see how the exams take place and the differences between the BMAT and UCAT. Although i had been doing practice questions previous to this it made me realise that i need to improve my fast reading skills as i need to be able to answer the questions at a much faster pace. I found this really useful and it made me look forward to my next session

I hope you are all doing well and i’ll be updating you in a moment on my first session talking to two doctors which was really fun and interesting and taught me a lot about medicine that i plan to share with you all!