Fitness new year resolution

I know this isn’t anything to do with medicine but i feel like I need to share my experience of my fitness journey. Especially how it is the new year.


I believe that when it comes to fitness, people often fail because they dont see their results fast enough. So here are 5 tips that I have learnt on how to build muscle and to stay on top of your fitness goal.

Figure out why:

I cannot stress this enough. Internal motivation will always triumph over external motivation. In other words, find out why you want to change your health and fitness. Is it because you want to stay fit and become a good example to your patients?, maybe it’s to impress someone or to improve yourself both mentally and physically. For me it was to improve myself mentally and physically. Pushing your body to it’s limit will allow you to improve yourself psychically  as well as  mentally. There is also the element of setting a good example to people around me and hopefully in the future inspire my patients to improve their health.

Don’t over complicate it:

The fitness world is becoming too much about business than it is about fitness. To make money many companies are selling their products as the best: buy the best protein, buy the best programme, buy the best meal plan. To help you overcome this, learn how to achieve your goal by reading scientific articles. To build muscle for a beginner is simple. Eat more calories than you burn so you have enough calories to build muscle, and progress with your exercise. If you’re benching 45kg one week for 3 sets for 5 reps, then you should aim to increase the amount of weight or increase the amount of reps. The progression will force your muscles to grow. Its that simple. ( It is that simple for a beginner but after a year or 2 you must change up your program and other factors)

Start small:

I know that the feeling of inspiration and motivation will want you to do everything at once: change up your diet completely, put yourself through big intense workouts. But, for the most part,this may not be the best thing! Focus on one thing at a time and take small steps. Instead of completely changing up your diet, why dont you swap white bread for brown bread or reduce the amount of sweets you eat a week. If you’re too strict you can make it seem impossible so you will give up.  With this said, you maybe the complete opposite. With the motivation at the high you maybe able to maintain your focus and stay consistent enough for you too see results. Many people say (me including) that once you start seeing results you will become addicted and you will never turn back!

Don’t be afraid to go to the gym:

I know many people who are afraid to go to the gym because they are scared of been humiliated in front of the whole gym. To be 100% honest they do not care! They do not care how much you are curling or benching. In fact many people who go to the gym would rather you go to them and ask them for advice. If you are really self conscious then there are other options. You can go to the gym with your friends or a family member. If not, then you can simply workout at home. Have no equipment? Its fine, use your body-weight to do push ups ect. We all have to start somewhere!

Don’t make excuses.

This is so simple but such a common mistake. “you coming gym bro?” “Nah, I am tired”

This is such a pitfall for many.I, myself fell into this trap. One day i felt really tired and i decided not to workout. I rested and went back to train the next day but i made the same excuse. On the second, third and fourth day it was the same excuse. The funny thing was i was getting 10 hours sleep a night. It was lack of will power. Like i said at the start. It is as much of a mental growth than it is physical. Overcoming mindsets like this one develops strength.


If you need  any help please message me or comment, i am happy to help.


Good luck!


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