Having a smile

It’s simple. Just smile!

A genuine smile can make a big impact on the people around you, it uplifts the mood and spirits of other.

It is really important to keep the environment around you a happy one. I found this to be more important in a medical setting such as a ward.

I always smile as much as i can when i pace up and down the ward. It keeps the nurses and HCAs happy to see me happy. This means they can provideĀ  better care to the patients as they are happier. It also means that we all get along a lot better. It allows us all to have banter and it keeps the team happy.

It also helps the patients. The patients do not want to be stuck in a hospital bed for weeks. It is a very unpleasant experience. When i smile with the patients they normally smile back and it makes them happy. When it makes them happy it means that they are a lot easier to treat and care for. I volunteer on a elderly ward and most of the patients are immobile and bed bound because they are not strong enough to move around independently. This means that their quality of life is not the best. So, making the patients happy and smiling helps improve their quality of life and their experience.

The impact of a smile is underestimated.

Keep smiling!





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