Life is so essential.

Every life that surrounds you has a significant impact on you. You will only know how important they are when they are gone.

When someone dies, expected or unexpected, it’s effect is broad. It’s like dropping a pebble in a pond. The most energy (effect) will be in a small circle, this represents the close friends and family. The ripples in the middle will represent the friends and work colleagues of the loved one. Lastly the final ripples have the least energy and therefore represents the least impact. This impacts the people who only knew the individual.

I have just focused on effects of the person’s death but not the effects of the effects of the person dying. For example, a close friend of a loved one will have died causing their world to be turned upside down. This life changing experience will now cause ripples of it’s own with the friends and family of the loved one’s best friend. These ripples will continue on and on.

I know it seems very depressing but it is true and this truth is what motivates me to become a doctor. For someone who has experience these ripple and had to comfort others who have been in the same situation I understand the devastation this can cause.

When I first started to volunteer I met an end of life patient (someone who has signed a do not resuscitate order.) Overtime this patient has reduced the amount of food they intake each meal. Today they ate nothing. Just a few jelly beans. When I asked the family if they believed she was done they just nodded. They knew that it was getting closer and closer until she would pass. I saw the pre-ripples. The pre-ripples paralysed the family’s speech. I can only image what they are about to experience.

The effects of losing someone motivates me because i understand the effects of the effects. It will motivate me to do the best for every patient and person. Empathy is very important as it drives me to be the best person I can be and therefore be the best doctor I can be.

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