Do not give up!

Medicine is sooooo hard to get in and getting in the first time isn’t likely. However there are so many pathways getting into medicine.

This is my plan.

My GCSE’s are good enough to get into medicine however they are not the best! So I have started to look at universities that rate the UKCAT higher than others. This will give me a second chance and help me to compete using my strengths.


If my UKCAT isn’t good enough to get to the interview stage then I will look at my A levels. If I get the minimum required grades then I will probably;y take a year off and study for the UKCAT and gain more medical experience. If I get a poor UKCAT and  poor A level results then I want to do a degree in Paramedic science and then apply for the 4 year graduate medicine.


I am sharing this because there will be many people who get discouraged that they didn’t get into medicine. Just keep at it!

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