Learn to listen to your body!

Listening to your body seems easy but the signs and symptoms of your body going into overdrive can be easily missed.

As an A level student and an aspiring medic I have a lot on my plate at the moment, with the UKCAT, A levels, Volunteering as well as gym and kickboxing. It is a lot to juggle.

Each task above is mentally and physically exhausting and to do this day in day out it  can cause a lot of problems.

I have recently ” burnt out” and was unable to even concentrate in lesson. But I didn’t know the signs of been burnt out.

Here are the symptoms I had and what you may experience:

  • Unable to progress at any exercise: 

As a intermediate lifter I should be gaining weight on the scales or gaining more weight on my lifts, I found I wasn’t doing either and I felt weaker and sorer than I usually do.

  • Feeling demotivated:

I often don’t mind revising for a long period of time and I always feel up to going to the gym but for the past few weeks I have felts demotivated to go to the gym and lift. I also felt demotivated to do my usual revision sessions and read a head in the textbook

  • Not feeling refreshed why you wake up:

I usually get around 7-8 hours of sleep and usually I feel fine, but lately I felt that I was tired and groggy in the morning. This was very unusual for me and was the main reason why I noticed by burn out

  • Finally, Short attention span:

My attention span was terrible, I couldn’t concentrate in lessons or when I was revising, I would find myself often day dreaming which was very unusual.

  • What I do to prevent this:


  • Get enough Sleep
  • Have a social life
  • Do extra curricular activities
  • Have regular breaks
  • Do not over do revision
  • Keep a good balanced diet
  • Get enough sleep
  • Do not do too much exercise

Overall do everything is moderation and in balance, if you do this you shouldn’t be burnt out.




Disclaimer: Please note the signs above is not an exhausted list of all the signs of a burn out and are strictly all the signs I encountered. Please remember we are all different and therefore we will experience different signs. Also all the prevention are what I found helped me and it may not help or benefit you. Feel free to drop a comment or a private message if you want to talk about it!




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