What I have learned so far (part 2)

This is part 2 of what i have learned so far.

You must love what you do.

If you do not love what you do when volunteering, especially when you are on the ward, then it will cost the patients their care. Here is why. When treating and caring for patients you will do it in a team. If you are not approachable due to your attitude because you do not enjoy the work you will not be asked to help out the staff in vital roles this will mean that that patients will suffer. Also, if you are not approachable to the patients then they are less likely to ask for your help in simple things like going to the toilet, again this effects their care.

Been able to adapt.

The NHS is under a lot of pressure. The ward that I volunteer on can be short of staff and the beds are always full. If anything unexpected should happen you will not just be a meal time volunteer but you may be asked to look after a bay for a few  minutes. Or, you could be handing out meals and a patients burst into tear, you now have to be their friend. Been on a ward comes with many jobs that do no match your job description but been able to adapt is essential.


Understanding the staff are all human to.

The staff ( including yourself) are not just nurses, doctors or HCA. They are Mums, Dads, Brothers and Sisters. This means that they may not be on the top of their game because of a family issue or because a patient reminds them of a terrible past experience. This means that you must look out for each other, asking them how they are and keeping each other safe. Understanding that we are all human brings the team together and more important keeps the patients and the staff safe.

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