Attachment… It’s unavoidable.

Phew, I’ve only just stopped shaking, I can finally start my blog post. Unfortunately I have not just been on an adrenaline pumping roller coaster, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t similar. Head girl and boy hustings were held on Monday, we were nominated by student in the sixth form last week and then we are allowed to prepare a speech. This went well, I got my point across, with a little humour to appeal to the audience, but I was extremely nervous! Then today we had our interviews, this went well despite the round table… Impossible to shake hands but I made it my mission to go the extra mile. I would recommend talking to previous candidates from other years and asking them what questions are likely to come up, because no matter what people say about interviews being spontaneous, you can always be prepared. My final question was on role models and this was easy for me, my Mum of course and then the “super vet” a little cliché but Noel Fitzpatrick is so dedicated and committed to his job and his passion motivates me to want to succeed. Is it a bad thing to have so much passion and pride for a school? To tell the truth, even If I don’t succeed I will still find a way to give something back to a school that has taught me and made me who I am.
Besides this, I had my biology EMPA, but the Head Girl speech kept me busy so I had little time for worrying. We had to complete a serial dilution and test our own red cabbage indicator with an acid, water and an alkali, and then gastric juices.
So the past few days have been insane especially at work experience on Monday when a calf came in with Cryptosporidium/ “Crypto”. Unfortunately it was put down in the night, but I had a great hands on experience and I appreciated it’s efforts to stay alive just for me, my “mooing” and rubbing must have stimulated it somewhat. Monday nights events made me realise that it’s hard to not get attached to the things you feel passionately about, wether it be making a difference to your school or encouraging a poorly calf to keep its head up, you can’t go in for something half hearted and if that means using your passion to drive your efforts, the attachment is bound to occur.
Next week I want to discuss what happens next, how vets deal with loss, failure and most importantly what they can do and where there is support for them.
Fingers crossed for tomorrow morning when I find out the results but the whole experience has been enlightening all the same.

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  1. how was your bio empa? i have my task 2 when i get back to school, im quite scared so any tips wuld be hepful. Also how did you find task 1 xx

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