Commitment comes from the heart.

Apologies for last week, the planning for Comic Relief week has taken so much energy and our determination to raise as much money as possible has been well and truly shattering but ┬árewarding ┬ánon the less. Not only have I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to do something for a great cause but it has put me in good stead for Head Girl hustings on Monday… I am nervous to say the least but if I dont give it my all and give my self a chance I would regret the lost opportunity to make a difference.
So my commitments have been stretched the past week as I’ve had to balance school work, revision, event planning, work experience and even eating it turns out, as I’ve had many busy lunchtimes!
The week before last we had an assembly about universities and the next step, It was almost painful noticing that some people hadn’t even considered their life after sixth form… To be a vet student you can’t just be on the ball, spoon fed and hand guided through A-levels, you’ve got to own the ball, the game and the court. There’s one thing for sure, it’s a competitive ball game for a reason, and that’s because we al know what we want.
After this assembly we were told about Unistats and the Stamford Test. Immediately I went on to compare the universities I have been considering, the results were staggering, I didn’t realise how many social factors can be judged upon. This really helped me to clear my mind on which universities I would love to one day be a student at.
As aspirational vet student we have to be committed to everything we take part in, all the “edge making” I like to call it. This means that after all our hard work and effort, we would be silly to have not thought about our commitment to a university. I want to be part of a community, a student body that have a positive attitude towards learning and have a genuine passion for the field they are studying. So I would recommend planning your open day visits and getting clued up on the ins and outs of your possible choices. After all, for five years you need to be content when the stress and the pressure builds.
I know it’s a bad time of year, with most of you in my position juggling enough, especially if some of you are learning to drive as well but I promise you it is well worth the investigation.

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