Eat. Lamb. Revise. Repeat.

I must be the world’s worst blogger! It’s been nearly a month since my last post and it’s only a week until my first exam. The time has most certainly flown of the radar.

So what have I been up to besides revising, eating and sleeping, well, in the half term (seems like a distant memory) I did some night lambing for a local farmer that my grandparents knew. Since they were sheep farmers themselves for many years my grandad offered to come with me so we could completely cover the shift and offer the farmer some rest. We had a total of seventeen lambs and just one still birth. My grandad trusted me enough to allow me to get hands on which I feel we struggle to get with work experience as we really are learning from experience. I was so relieved to get this opportunity as my personal statement will be due before the next lambing season so I was very lucky and fortunate. Now you’re probably all thinking “a night shift, are you mad?”. It was cold, it was tiring (12 hours IS a long time) and I was definitely grateful of all the food we had taken. Overall it was definitely worth it because lambing is so fundamental as part of our work experience, and who doesn’t love a bit of amniotic fluid on their overalls.

As promised, last month, some helpful tips I have for relieving stress.
1. Organisation. I love getting things off my mind and on to paper or even running my plans thorough with someone just so I get them straight. Unfortunately this also includes doing any home ASAP, the sooner it’s done the sooner you can pick it apart and learn from it.
2. Healthy body – healthy mind. Regular fitness and healthy eating not only relieves stress, as things like caffeine are bad over time for concentration and simply running can increase the endorphins in your brain which help aid efficiency of oxygen flow, anyway yeah, they’re good for you basically, but I just feel great if I’m in good shape and the last thing I want is terrible acne, thinner hair AND an out of shape body.
3. Talking. Talk, talk, talk away all those troubles. The more you talk the more you can relieve those excess irritants and keep the stress, strictly to exams. “Venting”, as my boyfriend calls it, is healthy for understanding and realising your weaknesses. So grab your Mum, Grandad, cat, dog, anyone who will listen to you and relieve the excess, A levels are bad enough on their own!
4. Simple pleasures. You may think you can (but trust me it’s impossible I’ve tried) you can’t revise ALL the time. Past 9 pm I’m gone, I’m practically useless, but I’m a morning person and everyone is different. So I try and find a little time each day, wether it’s a walk over lunch, telly before bed, or even a quick movie on a Friday night. Just a little bit of “change” is so relaxing and allows your brain to turn off. I used to read but I can’t remember a story line and four text books and running usually means being hungry, tired and in need of a shower afterwards so that takes up a lot of time. Just remember that a little “pick me up” here and there will help you unwind and your brain will be ready to take on the next revision session.
So again, apologises for the extremely long break between posts. I won’t promise another post until after my exams finish but until then GOOD LUCK, stay positive, keep smiling and remember it WILL be worth it and if it’s not meant to be, it’s simply not meant to be but perseverance never hurt anybody (especially those of you, like me, who refuse to make a Plan B).

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