Free as a Bird (1)

Just a quick update blog post you’ll be pleased to know (part 1 of 2).

Finally, I am free! Back home to my cats and their welcome home ‘gifts’. Three out of three final year exams done! Fingers crossed I’ve managed to secure a 2:1. My final exam was like the countdown to summer scene from High School Musical; ‘summer, summer, summer…’. I’m so proud of all my friends for their amazing dissertation grades! I’m still waiting on mine, but if anyone cares for Campylobacter control, feel free to give my diss a read; 7000 FASCINATING words.
Thank you for the endless support over my exams, you know who you are! Especially Mum and the ladies at PGs for welcoming me back to the office to revise once again. And not forgetting my furry study friends; Nino and Humphrey.

So, what’s in store for my long summer:
For the rest of June, besides working hard to save up for my first year on the vet course, I plan to write to charities, foundations, important veterinary figures, and specific vet school sponsors. I hope I can receive some financial support for my second degree, even if it only funds my memberships, coveralls and vaccines, every little helps. People still think I’m crazy paying for a second degree, but when it’s my dream career I’ll do whatever it takes. If anyone has been in my shoes, funding a second undergraduate degree, or knows of any foundations I can write to, I would appreciate your advice. I’ll be back at the vets for work experience, so look out for some more animal selfies (with or without blood and guts).
I will get my final degree result on the 1st of July and graduate towards the end of the month. I am still awaiting my MRI results, so my fundraising has been halted for now. Part time work has left me with little time for training, and now that I am back from uni for the summer I can work pretty much full time. But they’ll be plenty of time for exploring and sightseeing in North Yorkshire and beyond, some roadtrips too I hope.
August will be an exciting month too, with my 21st birthday celebrations; seeing Countryfile live at Castle Howard. Lookout for my TV debut as the Wannabe Yorkshire Supervet! I’ll also be packing for uni once again, back to Liverpool (I hope) for another five years! Good luck to all my friends with their final years ahead of them, first graduate jobs, PGCEs, masters, work placements and travels. Now pass me the prosecco and get me back in the sunshine! My pale skinned, stressy, sweaty library days are over… for now.

(Tune in after July 1st for part 2)

Obligatory dissertation hand in pic

Humphrey revising

Nino procrastinating
Start of summer


2 thoughts on “Free as a Bird (1)

  1. Great read as always my brainy, gorgeous, witty Niece. Looking forward to seeing you over Summer.

    You are amazing doing a 2nd degree but being a vet is all you want so go for it!

    Love n hugs

    Aunty Pinky

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