Free as a Bird (2)

Here’s the second half of my update blog! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. It’s raining here in Liverpool, but it’s making packing up three years of uni easier. Although, I may have underestimated just how much sh*t I have… (part 2 of 2).

Where to begin. I’ll get the boring part out of the way first; my summer so far has consisted mainly of waitressing, but  I start working outside soon which I much prefer.

The novelty of being back home to my cats soon wore off. I took them to the vets for their annual boosters. So strange to be on the other side of the table. And embarrassing as we had to wrap them both like burritos for their wormers. Nevertheless, both healthy; a successful trip to the vets… until I got home and realised Estee had p*ssed all over her sister in retaliation for being man-handled… nice.

I’ve been seeing practice at the vets on my days off. I was just returning to the practice after an equine visit when I received a VERY IMPORTNANT EMAIL; my uni results. I prayed for a 2:1 as I opened it. What on Earth was I going to do if I’d lost my place at vet school? Panic over I’d bagged my 2:1 AND a 1st for my dissertation! So If for some reason you haven’t already heard, I’M GOING TO VET SCHOOL in September! Student finance – sorted. Accommodation – sorted. Numerous coloured chinos – required. Of course there are so many people I’d love to thank for believing in me, but without getting too soppy, you know who you are.

Graduation was amazing; being a wizard for the day with my two biggest fans (Mum and Nanny). I hope you both enjoyed yourselves as much as I did. Three crazy years boiled down to one incredibly proud occasion. A shout-out to all my clever friends that have graduated up and down the country this week too; beauty and brains, so proud of you all.

Now I must get back to packing, and the rain has stopped just in time for the girls graduation. I really don’t want to leave Baltimore Street or my lovely Balti-girls, but a new adventure awaits. Bioveterinary Science degree – complete. Tune in sometime in September, if I survive vet freshers

Big loves, The Gunnabe Vet

P.S Turns out I got my TV debut a month early. Here I am promoting Chester Zoo:

Estee enjoying her crate before the vets

Thanks Mum and Liv


My lovely Balti-girls – thanks for the best three years
Did someone say 8 more weeks of summer?!

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