From the field to the zoo.

Hello there. My dedication to this weekly blog as of late has been lacking, but I can assure you that my commitments elsewhere have been most valuable.

So which planet have been on? Last week I was in Boggle Hole on biology fieldwork, we had a lovely week full of quadrats from seaweed to moor plants. I helped to form a report on the trip, after all, we had to prove that we had all learnt from our experience of belt-transacts and statistical analysis, not just gaining a good tan.

Then I visited the University of Nottingham to partake in their Vetsim course. I heard about Vetsim due to Vetmedlink in December, however just to inform those of you who may be considering the courses. Vetmedlink was very informative and lecture based, serving as a residential for Gold DofE, Vetmedlink offers a lot of knowledge on the processes both prior to your application and once you are qualified. Vetsim differs majorly as it is al practical based, mainly animal handling including meerkats, raccoons and skunks to turtles, snakes and tarantulas. All of the animals were bred and handled in captive envirnoments even the birds of prey and llamas. After learning about GM “skinny pigs” we went on to keyhole surgery, correcting bones with metal plates and learning about X-rays and ultrasounds. I throughly enjoyed both and would recommend them to anyone considering vet medicine. Although, I enjoyed Vetsim’s practical side and of course, the baby animals, Vetmedlink I felt, offered more valuable information to aspiring vets. Despite this, my interview with a postgraduate and recent vet student gave me a lot of confidence as she struggled for criticisms, although in myself I realised I must learn my most interesting case studies in detail to show my extensive knowledge from work experience.
Finally, I have been in contact with my local zoo/ theme park, and they have offered me a work placement on their parrot and sea lion department, although to begin I will simply be selling brochures, this will allow me to use my customer service techniques, gain trust with the team and allow me to then go on to handle the animals and help to train them as part of their show to the public. Hopefully I will be able to meet the on site vet and expand my work experience variety and learn from the different skills required to work with exotics.
As I have not posted for a while I have decided I should write about my personal statement progress and also a short report on a topical issue concerning dogs in hot cars/ water dehydration.
Thanks for reading, I’ll try and keep you posted… But for now, chemistry homework awaits

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