Getting Back on the Horse

Just about coming to terms with the end of bio-vet second year. Another year in the best city, new friends, terrible AU costumes and even more challenges. We all cried. My exams are over, but I’ve got a long summer ahead to work, train for my challenges and complete my final placements before my vet school application is submitted in October! The time will fly by before I know it, so I plan to write every fortnight with my latest ventures, achievements and embarrassing moments.

I’ve now written 13 posts (32 including my old posts). I originally started my blog, The Wannabe Vet, to reflect on my achievements and support my initial vet med application. Overall aside from my sob story and endless begging for support and sponsors I have raised £500+ by using my blog as a platform for fundraising for myself and some amazing charities. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for the donations and kind comments so far. Although writing is time-consuming, I do find it rather therapeutic. Inspiring future vets and fitness enthusiasts, despite all the waffle and cringe I post, is a real bonus. Bringing my own financial struggles to light with the odd anecdote has had its ups and downs but here’s a little overview of the past few months. Get yourself comfortable with a tea and some tissues and enjoy reading my journey to veterinary medicine.

Welcome – introducing my financial crisis, as briefly as possible…

Liverpool half marathon – my 1st challenge and half (unfortunately 400yds short), raising money for The Trusty Paws Clinic.

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The spice of life – work experience as the 6th spice girl, ‘cow-shit spice’.

Confessions of a vet-a-holic – a blog post overview and my strengths and weaknesses.

Snowdon – 14 hungover 20-somethings versus a 3560ft mountain, supporting The Whitechapel Centre.

Swimathon – my 1st swimming event and swimming cap experience in aid of Marie Curie and Cancer Research UK.

Perks of the job – the importance of doing a job you love, who wouldn’t want to be a vet?

The Super Vet – answering some ‘harsh reality’ interview questions.

Teaching young dogs new tricks – an anagram of how to keep your cool in exams and general life.

There’s more sweat and tears to come and a hellish amount of money still to raise but I’m ready for it and here’s why. I’ve had to face a lot of disappointment over the past few years. Lifting my chin up and bouncing back has become second nature now. Despite my best efforts and 100% commitment, sometimes its just not meant to be. I’ve not given up though, with £45,000 of debt to my name and a second degree under my belt, I know I’ll get there. It may be my positive attitude that keeps me pushing forward or perhaps my stubbornness… but no amount of sympathy was going to get me back on my feet after results day. I had to realise for myself that I was the only one to blame and the only one who was going to get plan A back on track.

When I was younger I used to ride with my Mum and one time my sister Mary was meant to be leading me as I rode. As she turned away the pony started to graze, and I somehow slide down its neck towards the ground. In shock of how I’d managed to recreate a scene from 64 Zoo Lane, Mary spooked the pony and with a sudden head jolt, I found myself being flung from the pony like a bucking bronco. One bad experience didn’t put me off riding, like the fear of keeping up in cross country, yet I signed up every year for 7 years. Or when I knew my chances of getting a place at vet school were slim, but despite the odds I made it. At 17, my car spun out in the rain, but I learnt from it and it’s not stopped me driving. Even bad exams aren’t the end, we change our approach ready to tackle the next one. Finally, we’ve all had our hearts broken but that hasn’t stopped us loving.

Our family and friends help us realise the importance of taking a minute to get back on track or even think laterally and choose a new route. I try to set realistic goals… but I do love a challenge. My Aunty set herself the target of making a lemon meringue pie, and it was the best lemon meringue pie we had tasted, mainly because she had made it and we love her. A bucket list isn’t a bad place to start either. One day I want to be proud of my achievements and I’ll always crave that rewarding, sickly-sweet, smiling like the Cheshire cat feeling in my stomach. And the endless amount of guilt-free cake when you know you deserve it.

On that note, alongside my revision ‘treats’ I’ve been training extra hard, it’s all about balance as I’ve said. So, look out for my latest challenge (*spoiler* featuring the Grewer’s best wetsuit) and top bucket list achievement over the next few days. Check out my fundraising page for more info and updates. Please donate whoever you are, whatever amount (preferably to my PayPal link)! Big loves and bring on the long summer! Evie xxx

Some thank yous as always: The ultra, long distance walkers Aunty Lisa and Uncle Greg and my dear friend Marnie for their kind donations, my family for their endless support, my revision buddies because without them I’d have gone insane and finally, my housemates for the best second year I could have asked for.

Getting back on the horse/ ponyEnd of exams before alcohol consumptionEnd of labs forever… potentiallyKirkby 10k with Mum

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  1. Awh lovely blog as always my gorgeous niece! I got a mention! Glad everyone liked the lemon meringie pie, yes it was challenging but worth it to achieve it. Love you loads. Come stay over summer. Xxx Aunty Mickey. Xxx

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