Horses for Courses

It’s finally the Easter holidays! After a 10-week term I am exhausted! Which is strange because since January I have been unable to run or swim because of a knee injury I sustained one evening on the dancefloor… more on that later. Besides being jealous of everyone hitting the slopes, I have been living in the library like a good third year student. Less than two months of third year left… but I’m back for Easter delivering the odd lamb, balancing uni work and a part-time job. Although I know where I’d rather be… I enjoy helping-out during the busy lambing period and who can say no to pet lambs?

My work experience really has been worth it. I won an Easter egg last week for answering a question on ideal lambing percentages. But in all seriousness, my work experience has been the topic of conversation for all my interviews, and over the past four years, there’s been a lot. From Bristol; visiting my Aunty and her local IKEA, to Edinburgh; Christmas shopping with my Grandparents and there was the time Mum got lost in Liverpool during my first interview…

Last year, before Christmas I had interviews at Surrey, Liverpool and the RVC in London, which I mentioned in my last blog. With a place secured at vet school either way, I had nothing and everything to lose at my Nottingham interview. I really wanted a place at the Notts vet school, especially after I hadn’t secured one in my first application. It’s even harder to get a place at Notts because of their unique AAB offer, which makes the course more appealing to A-level applicants. Both of my interviews at, Notts were unforgettable, the first time round I was meant to take the train with my Aunty, who was nervous to drive to Nottingham for the first time. Unfortunately, she hadn’t set her alarm, despite being the most organised person on Earth… we had missed our train by the time we woke up.

My most recent trip to Nottingham was just after my January exams which went rather well considering I had to teach myself physics and learn umpteen different diseases and pathogens inside out, literally. My favourite being Fasciola hepatica, the liver fluke. Anyway, I’d decided to stay in Notts for the rest of the week, which my immune system and liver would later regret. The interview went well, however what I thought would be a two-hour formal interview ended up being a timetabled talk, break, tour, break, practical, break… finally after another break (!!!) I had my interview. Absolutely shattered I was relieved to see my ‘Dad’; avid blog reader Dan Johnson, waiting for me with all the other Mummies and Daddies. As with all good nights out, it went downhill from there. It wasn’t even midnight before I was limping around Crisis, but at least I was walking out this time. Somehow, I’d managed to twist my knee, it was probably for the best that I’d had a few VKs. Thanks to Grew and all at 62 Harlax for having me. My stay was probably the closest I’ll come to experiencing life on ‘I’m a Celeb’, a visit I will not be forgetting, or reliving, for quite some time.

Before returning home for Easter I received an offer for a place at Nottingham! Nottingham had always been my first choice uni. Although I love Liverpool very much, and it was voted the best destination on TripAdvisor, I thought I’d fancy a change, as five more years is quite a long time in one city. However, bursaries, travel fees and first year accommodation costs must all be considered. Despite being offered a place in September 2019, Nottingham uni will be taking on a second cohort of 150 students from April 2020. I fear a course of 300 students may not meet the expectations I’d once hoped for.

All prospective vet students must confirm their firm and insurance choices on UCAS by the end of the Easter holidays. After much deliberation, I have decided to choose Liverpool for the next five years on the vet school course. There are so many advantages, besides who doesn’t want to live in the North. It will be nice to see everyone who’s planning on sticking around too, especially my house mates… not sure how I feel about us all moving out of the best house in Liverpool soon. I’ll be spending the first three years of the vet course on the uni campus and the remaining two out on the Wirral. The Leahurst campus has two referral hospitals, three first opinion practices, and two working farms. I can’t wait to get back into sailing and playing lacrosse for the uni, which I have greatly missed since my knee injury. The other week I volunteered at the Grand National with St John Ambulance; I was positioned to cover the stand directly opposite the finish line! I look forward to covering more once in a lifetime events and hopefully gather enough experience to become an advanced first aider.  Liverpool will always have a special place in my heart; I cannot wait to be back in September making new memories and reliving old ones! Maybe I’ll even run the 10-miler next year! I won’t be going anywhere is I don’t bag myself a 2:1 and graduate, lots to look forward to. Tune in to find out how my finals go, que cards and mind maps at the ready.

Some thank yous are in order, despite a hold-up on the fundraising front. I didn’t push for sponsors on my 10-mile run or 2-mile Swimathon but thank you Aunty Mickey and Alfs for your kind support and making me smile regardless. It is very much appreciated. I’ve updated my Just Giving Page ready to start fundraising again soon, I’m so proud of how much I’ve raised so far. Hopefully I’ll be back to my usual, mountain climbing, triathlon training self once I can figure out how to stop my knee from clicking and giving way… (any physios out there?)

Now I better get back to writing my dissertation and finding other things to do of equal importance… Good job I’m only 3000 words over. If anyone needs me, I’ll be in my office or rather, I’ll be in one of my favourite fleeces surrounded by pet lambs. See you soon!

Big loves,
The Wannabe Vet

… or as Mum is now calling me; The Wannabe Yorkshire Supervet!

Pre-Notts interview drivethru

Notts offer postcard
Grand National with SJA

Estee Cat on her 2nd birthday

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  1. Well I for one am glad that I have another 5 years to discover Liverpool. Whoop whoop! Now get studying and get your 2:1 xx

  2. Awh lovely to read as usual my gorgeous talented Niece! You chose Liverpool! Good choice! Hope your knee gets better. I will keep sponsoring and supporting you any way I can! Maybe leave driving to Neil and alarm setting! Ha ha but we got there in the end! Love ooh. Aunty Mickey. Xx

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