Reap and you shall find.

So this week is the final week before the half term. I’d be lying if I said I’m looking forward to the free time… Free time just means more revising, studying, working. It never ends! Pancake day will most probably be the highlight of my week. Although I have planned to visit the abbatoir on Monday. Having felt utterly exhausted and down I decided I need a “pick me up” run, this relieved a lot of my stress, as this week I’ve been busy with DofE assemblies for lower school, Comic Relief prep and fancy dress charity non-uniform and being part of an interview pannel. It was all starting to get a bit much but it’s taking things one step at a time and organising yourself. Bringing your visions into the clear is hard, but achievable. I was starting to think about entering Head Girl hustings.. but can I balance my studying with the extra work?

So you’re probably wondering what my crazy week has to do with “finding and reaping”. Earlier in the month I got in touch wit’s my local charity shops and asker them to keep any anatomy books or pet health guides and on Saturday I recieved “The Encyclopaedia of Natural Pet Care” and “8 weeks to a healthy dog”, both incredibly cheap, and insightful. Due to their age I read with a pinch of salt but something’s are just fact and so additional reading is worth the while.

Secondly, I decided that I wanted to gain more out of my teachers ans asked for some after school sessions for those of us who wanted a quick lecture revsion session, and who’d have thought it, weekly revision sessions. I understand how much pressure the teachers are under but if you want to get the most out of your school you’ve got to ask. The worst thing that could happen would be for them to say no. So what have you got to lose?

Before I forget I must write about The Nottingham Exam Confidence day I attended on Saturday. I’m up to try anything in order to get my desired grades and whether that means travelling from 4am, independently for 4 hours, ill be there! So when this day course was advertised at £15 from £100 I thought it was a must have. The day was great I met lots of new people and it was insightful none the less, but for a £100 I would have been dissapointed. The materials that explained new revision techniques were helpful but the independent work was something I could have done at home. Also, the team never mentioned how to handle stress itself, simply how to avoid it by time management. Despite these points, I thoroughly enjoyed the discussions,  collaborating the ideas of the class on websites to visit and teaching each other was a great way to share our knowledge.

Now I need a cup of tea and a plan for my week ahead, in preparation for the abattoir and PANCAKE DAY of course!

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