For my next challenge I will be swimming 1.5k for Marie Curie and Cancer Research on the 28th April (a month today) in the uni pool for this year’s SWIMATHON. After my Race for Life last summer for Cancer Research I was inspired to support them again for my first ever charity swim. Again, 50% to the charities and 50% towards my uni fees for post-grad vet med. Cancer affects everyone and anyone, men and women, everywhere and anywhere! Too many GOOD people are affected by cancer and this year alone my friends and family have been amongst the 1.4 million people diagnosed each year. We forget the importance of these charities, the daffodil and the ribbons are overlooked and forgotten. Help me raise awareness, you never know who could be in need of our support now and in the future. Support your future self by looking at the leading causes of cancer in the UK.
Please follow the links to my fundraising page or to donate without me losing 5% on commission see my PayPal link. Spare some change, spare a life. Big loves to my friends and family together we will beat cancer! Evie xx


5 thoughts on “Swimathon

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  4. Just read all of your latest blogs! Lovely reading, you are amazing all that sports and fitness, wish I could win the lottery to pay for your degree €45k so you could just enjoy being a student without the need to do fundraising all the time. Go for it on the swim and well done for doing snowden. Big hugs and love. Aunty Mickey. Xx❤

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