The beginning of new books.

Whoooo! AS exams are over. Well… For now at least. I couldn’t help but laugh at some of the tweets relating to the AQA biology, especially our late German Führer’s opinion on YouTube.

It feels like ages since my last post but I promise that I’m going to be more frequent from now on, what with exams out of the way and work experience starting up again. So how does it feel to be exam free? Well, the first few days of rest before we began A2 were weird… Like really weird. I didn’t know what to do with myself, I felt guilty for even watching television, thinking I should be revising.So after the initial strangeness I got back into my regime, started reading for fun instead of to cram my head full of the wonders of chemistry. I’m back into exercising regularly, without having to imagine gas exchange to revise as I run. Most importantly I feel like I’m back to myself again, although school is far from normal.

A2 is has started and it’s not a lot different in knowledge but the concepts are a little fiddlier to grasp. Despite this, my subjects are beginning to overlap, I’m learning ecology in geography and biology, in prep for fieldwork later on in the year, also, in chemistry we have been discussing the “excited state” of electrons which correlates to photosynthesis in biology. Finally it’s becoming a lot clearer and I’m seeing the bigger picture.
I’ve booked my train tickets for Vetsim in July and I honestly cannot wait to be back at Nottingham, with a bit more hands on this time round.
DofE and personal statement day happen to overlap, so I’m going to be busy busy. Thank goodness for my two “aspirational vet” friends who are older than me and advice me on my journey.
Other than that, things have been quiet steady, including my run this evening. Although Monday evening was a bit different, I was at the vets as usual when someone brought in a rather savaged looking pigeon which was to be “put down”. Afterwards I realised that was my first true experience of euthanasia, having steeped out of the room on several occasions to respect the owners. Apparently, the most painful part is the injection, after that it’s just a deep sleep, the nurse said “It never feels normal, and if it ever does, it’s time to change job”.
I hope all of your exams went swimmingly, I tried to keep my head above the water for the best part, but who knows. Let’s hope AQA are feeling generous as this is the last year of these particular exams!
I’m hoping to enjoy these next 5 weeks or so, but I’ll have to wait and see what A2 throws at me. Follow me on Twitter @eviexsellars for updates on my latest posts.

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