“The Edge”.

What a week it has been, two new work experience placements all sorted and confirmed!
I have decided to post on this blog page weekly with updates of my journey to (hopefully) becoming a vet but besides this I want to share some of my experiences and top tips for keeping it all together and becoming organised.

I realised that last week due to the excitement of starting a blog, I had completely forgotten to introduce myself, so here goes.
My name is Evangeline (Evie) Sellars, I am 16 years old (the youngest in my year) and I am currently studying at AS: Chemistry, Biology, English Language and Geography at Lady Lumley’s school.

I am close to completing my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award having completed silver and bronze in lower school. In December I went on my residential course to Nottingham. This was a five day (four night) course where we were lectured at the university by various professors on Pathology and Parasitology, general information concerning young, prospective undergraduate vet students and finally there were two extra lectures on how to achieve an A* in Chemistry and “The Edge” session, essentially we learnt how to make ourselves stand out from the extremely strong competition that apply to the veterinary universities year upon year. Each year the competition becomes greater as more and more people realise their calling.

I am sure that those of you reading this will be fully aware of importance of gaining work experience, although it can be very difficult to attain especially during term time, so here’s how I sorted mine:

Small Veterinary Practice
I attend my local vet practice every Monday evening after school. I first started back in 2013 when I went for my year 11 work experience in June, and I asked if I could continue this after school. I start at 4.30pm after school and finish around 6.30pm. I have loved my experience here as I hope to work with the same variety of small and large animals in the future. I suggest to anyone who is considering regular work experience to not only consider what time is best for you but also when is best for the practice also. Thereby you can be as helpful as possible to them which gains trust and by choosing a local practice you can easily and regularly attend and this shows commitment.

Small Weekly Evening Surgery                                                                                                I have been very fortunate in that there are two vets in my small town. Edgemoor vets is based in Pickering and is a one consultant room building branch from their main dept in Kirkbymoorside. Again after school I attended two evenings of back to back appointments where I learnt a great deal. It is essential to visit other vet practices so that you can conpare different methods, teams, work schemes and gain indepth knowledge on the veterinary profession.

Riding Stables
I have only just started this placement so what it entails I am not all that sure. I had my health and safety briefing yesterday and I will begin helping out as a stable hand tomorrow afternoon, and every Thursday afternoon until May when my exams begin. This placement offers me variety, as previously I have only been experiencing one field of the veterinary profession. Universities are looking for quality over quantity at the end of the day, however commitment is important too.

Not always deemed as “essential” but as I have mentioned, it is important to gain above and beyond what the universities ask for whether it be spending time with a dog warden, working at a fish farm or helping out at a zoo (all of which I am looking into doing).  During my day at the abattoir I will add to my existing knowledge of food hygiene that I have gained from my part time jobs as a waitress over the years.

For me I still need valuable farm experience, as of yet I have only been able to consider lambing due to limited time off school but in the summer holidays I am looking into both beef and dairy farm experience.

Thank you for reading my blog, see you next week when I’ll discuss everything else that I am doing just to give myself “the edge”.

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