The Great North Run

The 9th September 2018. My final challenge, the Great North Run. After my first half marathon measured 400m short earlier this year, I entered the GNR ballot on a whim. Knowing how unlikely it was that my name would be drawn, I entered the Notts half with Mum too.

Coincidentally, en route to a lacrosse game in Newcastle I received the email informing me I had secured a ballot place for the Simplyhealth Great North RunTHE most prestigious half marathon! 13.1 miles from Newcastle out to Southshields (if they get the distance right on this one…).

As always, I’ll be splitting my sponsors 50:50 between my uni fees and a charity close to my heart, St John’s Ambulance.

Donating a pint of blood wasn’t enough for me so I began volunteering with SJA in my second year of uni. In return for my time I have been trained and qualified as an event first aider. I realised the importance of first aid from a young age when my Nan started blacking out, we hadn’t the foggiest how to help her. Only a week ago at my triathlon, as I was having my hair braided a man collapsed, convulsing beside me! First aid is a skill, not just CPR, and it’s very easy to forget and become flustered in an emergency. Check out their helpful videos for yourself, and test your knowledge, you just never know when you’re gong to need it. FINALLY, it has been introduced to the national curriculum!

I love running but working non-stop has meant little time for running after 15 miles + of moors trekking! I’m squeezing them in and finding the time, relying on your support to keep me going. I really want to smash this final challenge and make my SJA unit proud to have me on their team.

If you don’t have time to do your bit for charity but you can spare some pennies, please sponsor me as I tackle (technically my first) half marathon, the Great North Run. You can even donate anonymously!

Links at the top of the page.

Big loves always xx

P.S I raised £25 from my triathlon sponsors. Thank you for your kind donations for Macmillan and my dream career.

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  1. My gorgeous niece, such big achievements you are doing. So proud of you! Love you always. Aunty Pinky. Xxx

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