Welcome to my blog ‘The Wannabe Vet’. I am going to post as often as I can to keep you all updated on my roller coaster (more like rodeo bull) journey to becoming a post-grad vet student. Here’s a brief introduction to my story and why I desperately need to raise £45,000!

I’m going to try and keep this brief (she says). I plan to post about why I want to be a vet, A-levels, work experience, bio-vet degree, hobbies, interests and my application for 2018, very soon!

Back in 2016, after a lot of tears and phone calls, I found myself in my first year of uni at Liverpool. With plan A (part 2) underway, I soon realised I had a lot of work ahead of me. It wasn’t until NYE 2017 when I realised just how many arms and legs applying to vet as a post-grad would cost. I love my degree and bio-vet science has taught me so much about myself and prepared me for vet medicine. BUT the problem is, SFE will ONLY fund £9000/ year for my first degree, as I am a graduate planning to study an undergraduate degree. Which leaves me up a very shitty creek with ZERO paddles. Unfortunately, Santa didn’t have £45,000 going spare, so I have had to think on my feet, literally. Throughout the year (and the next 5), I am going to run, swim, tri, climb, walk, work, I’ll even shave my head if I have too, to get to my target. I am going to fundraise and save as much as possible, with my friends and family supporting me in every way that they can. As you read my future blogs you’ll hopefully begin to understand just why I’m bankrupting my family. With your support, I CAN DO THIS. I got a place on the course once, so in true Yorkshire spirit, I’ll pull up my overalls, lift my chin and crack on with it.

Thank you for reading my first blog post. I have removed my old, cringey posts from when I was first applying for vet med. But I won’t forget how far I’ve come or how my enthusiasm, dedication and determination has flourished over the past three years.

Don’t forget to visit my fundraising page or (to avoid crowdfunding fees) my PayPal link,  I am so grateful for every donation, every penny means the world. Watch this space for more blogs and my latest challenge. Big loves, Evie xx

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