You can’t reach the finish without a chase.

If I thought last week was busy this week was double the rush. We recieved our mock results on Friday, followed by our exam timetables, this made me realise that it’s fair enough gaining work experience but the grades, oh the grades! I didn’t even have time to write my blog yesterday! At the moment my life revolves around studying and work experience but I like to take a good half hour to run or do something active each day to help clear my negative thoughts of school and get some fresh air. I think exercise, a good diet and substantial sleep are essential for keeping a healthy lifestyle which creates a healthy brain for studying.

After the Vet-Medlink course I decided to sign up to the summer Vetsim course which I hear is more hands on but I needed something to be chipping away at in the mean time. This is when I signed up for multiple online courses on Coursera which is a website where you are taught through video lectures and then complete a weekly MC quiz. I recomend the Edivet five week course to anyone interested in veterinary but also the Equine Nutrition, suistainable food production, animal behaviour and chicken behaviour courses, of which half starred this week so get logged on and start learning in your free moments for learning outside of the classroom.

Other interesting things I have been doing include this blog, extended reading of the Veterinary Times and Vetsonline which I receive through email. I also follow all the social media sites of the veterinary universities and most importantly, besides school work I write all of my experiences in a diary, this is essential for reflection and keeping track of hours. Just today I booked my train tickets ready for the Exam Confidence Workshop next weekend, hopefully I can learn some new revision techniques and spread the word.

Afree Christmas I decided to order all of the prospectus’ from the leading vet unis, which of course are free and they mail them within a week or so. I am really keen to visit them on their open days and gain a real sense of where I could be in the next two years. It’s scary isn’t it? Thinking that Sixth Form life is nearly over, AS exams in just 4 months time!

So as you can see, I have been the busiest of bees this week especially as yesterday I got the opportuninty to help with sheep scanning at my local small holding. Hopefully I can help out with the lambing, whilst I read from my chemistry book over May.

Next week I want to talk about my work experience anecdotes alongside interesting illness but also quirky behaviourisms that really drive my passion for animals.


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