FIFA 18: Funnier Mode and More Colorful Elements May Need Dolphin Accelerator

It is said that FIFA 18 would be related to a new mode: FIFA Street which belongs to a matter of digital technology. If the publishers want to make full use of the joy of playing FIFA Street, they must collect relevant materials and get them processed. This means that FIFA Street can only be added to FIFA 18 as DLC (Digital Link Control).


Diversity of Elements Involved in FIFA Street

The idea of FIFA Street can be dated back to the street soccer in which we will be exposed to many games. Such as the Street Soccer World Tour on PC, online game competing for champions, and even the tricks derived from street soccer are likely to be added to FIFA Street. Those cultural symbols must benefit the game in the long term. FIFA will be armed with another characteristic that serves as a supplement of the game.


Possible Bugs May Appear

On the one hand, FIFA 18 is going to take in more elements.cheapest fifa coin website  On the other hand, it will also have to make improvements in graphics otherwise its players may get disappointed to some extent. So the embarrassing thing is that when the technique fails to support our ideas.Then bugs may come into our sight. Like what has happened in the previous FIFA series. Some Chinese players even produce a small video that serves as a record of all the bugs. It is really funny for we spectators. However, it may cause players to lose a lot in a match. The troublesome loss of data, offline contribute to failure.


Dolphin Accelerator

Dolphin Accelerator is designed to solve the technique problems. It will give more access to the game for different players from different areas. So you will not be annoyed at the loading speed. And it is purposely designed to keep you online all the time even if you may have been already offline.So choose dolphin accelerator may help you play the game better. Or other accelerator that is proper for the game is worth choosing. It is up to you.


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FIFA 18 News: FIFA 18 Barcelona Ratings Predictions

Now the 2016/17 season has ended, and we can take some reviews on the 2016/17 season of real football, in addition, fifa coins reviews we can also make some preditions on the upcoming FIFA 18, among which, it includes the FIFA 18 ratings predictions which will be a great help for you to prepare and invest on the FIFA 18 GAMES. In the follows, we are to share the FIFA 18 Barcelona Ratings Predictions.


Barcelona has a disappointing performance on the 2016/17 season, even though they were hunting for the La Liga title till the final round, unfortunately they ranked second position at final, in addition, they were beat by Juventus with the result of 0-3 in the quarterfinals in the Champions League. Messi is the top scorer in the La Liga, as he scored 37 goals in total, and the second top scorer is Luis Suarez, who had scored 29 goals in total, and forNeymar, he scored 13 goals and made 11 assists, what ratings upgrade will they get in FIFA 18? Except of them, some other players may get downgrade ratings in FIFA 18 because they performed badly in 2016/17 season, fifa coins review site for the Barcelona’s stars rating in the FIFA 18, just check the FIFA 18 Barcelona Ratings Predictions in the follows:



FIFA 18 Barcelona Ratings Predictions


GK: Ter Stegen – 83>84
GK: Jasper Cillessen – 81>80
CB: Pique – 87>87
CB: Samuel Umtiti – 82>83
CB: Jeremy Mathieu – 81>80
CB: Javier Mascherano – 85>84
RB: Aleix Vidal – 77>77
RB: Sergi Roberto – 80>81
LB: Lucas Digne – 79>80
LB: Jordi alba – 86>85
CDM: Sergio Busquets – 87>87
CM: Andre Gomes – 83>82
CM: Arda Turan – 84>84
CM: Iniesta – 88>87
CM: Rafinha – 80>80
CM: Ivan Rakitic – 87>87
RW: Lionel Messi – 93>93
LM: Denis Suarez – 80>79
LW: Neymar – 92>92
ST: Paco Alcacer – 81>79
ST: Luis Suarez – 92>92

FIFA 17 TOTS: FIFA 17 TOTS Predictions of Serie A

FIFA 17 TOTS starts on May 12, check more predictions on the TOTS 17 to get more investment tips and great value during TOTS. And here pay attention to the prediction of FIFA 17 Serie A TOTS.


Fut 17 will award the FIFA 17 TOTS IF Cards of La Liga for those players who performed well in the whole football season in Italy. EA sport will decide the FIFA 17 Serie A TOTS,top 5 fifa coins sites reviews  and it will be one week time available for the FIFA 17 TOTS Serie A IF cards, and it is predicted to be released on June 16th, 2017. The stats of these blue IF cards will be greatly improved, and worthy a plenty of fut coins, so you can get better preparation on Serie A TOTS in advance.


GK: Gianluigi Buffon, Juventus – 84 -> 93
GK: Gianluigi Donnarumma, AC Milan – 78 -> 87

CB: Giorgio Chiellini, Juventus – 88 -> 93
CB: Leonardo Bonucci, Juventus – 87 -> 92
CB: Kostas Manolas, AS Roma – 84 -> 90
CB: Kalidou Koulibaly, Napoli – 83 -> 89
CB: Federeico Fazio, AS Roma – 80 -> 87
LB: Alex Sandro, Juventus – 84 -> 90

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RW: Mohamed Salah, AS Roma – 82 -> 89
CM: Miralem Pjanić, Juventus – 85 -> 92
CM: Radja Nainggolan, AS Roma – 85 -> 92
CM: Marek Hamšik, Napoli – 83 -> 90
CAM: Éver Banega, Inter – 84 -> 90
CAM: Ivan Perišić, Inter – 84 -> 90
LW: Lorenzo Insigne, Napoli – 84 -> 91
LW: Dries Mertens, Napoli – 82 -> 91

ST: Gonzalo Higuaín, Juventus – 89 -> 96
ST: Paulo Dybala, Juventus – 86 -> 93
ST: Mauro Icardi, Inter – 84 -> 92
ST: Alejandro Gómez, Atalanta – 81 -> 89
ST: Ciro Immobile, Lazio – 81 -> 89
ST: Edin Džeko, AS Roma – 81 -> 88
ST: Andrea Belotti, Torino – 80 -> 87

FIFA 17: Futbol Club Barcelona 3-2 Won Over Real Madrid

Spain local time 23: 45 on the 23rd, the 2016 / 17 season La Liga 33th round focus match in the Bernabeu Stadium started the race, the scene of El Clásico took place one thing that let the Barcelona fans feel worried when it was the first 20th minutes, Messi mouth encountered Marcelo elbow-blow and was wounded, fifa coins review site his mouth was blood. Messi after a simple treatment went back to the stadium, Barcelona thought that Marcelo was a serious foul, while the former La Liga referee Yi Turad also said: “Marcelo raised his arm, because he knew Messi was there. Doing this was  to hurt the mouth of Messi, which obviously should get red card.”


In the first 28th minute, Real Madrid made the lead, but 5 minutes later Messi helped Barcelona tie the game, at that time, Raktić passed the ball, Messi took the ball Slipped past Kawahar and then at 12 yards low shot the lower right corner of the net and scored the goal, 1- 1. This is Messi’s first goal at last seven El Clásico, before that, his six consecutive El Clásico failed to score, since 2014 he did not break the Real Madrid goal. In 2014, Messi in the Bernabeu staged a hat trick, of which two are penalty, to help Barcelona 4 to 3 win the match.


Messi’s goal made Barcelona be relieved, and he brought large threat to Real Madrid on tactics. On the half time, Casemiro fouled on Messi and almost got the second yellow card. And on the second half, once again Barcelona leading the score, Messi let Ramos got a red card, which made Real Madrid lost an important 90 minutes goal factor.


Although Real Madrid in the first 85th minutes equalized the match by James Rodríguez, in the first 92th minute Messi helped Barcelona complete the lore, Sergei – Roberto raid to fight back, Alba passed the ball on the left side of the restricted area, Messi at 14 yards first Time scored into the lower left corner, 3-2. This is his 47th goals in this season, which scored 31 goals in the league.


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FIFA 17: Navas Had a Bad State

Real Madrid 4-2 won over Leganes, although they successfully got 3 points, compare fifa coins prices they again in the game lost the ball. Last time Real Madrid didn’t lose a ball also traced back to last November, in which they away 3-0 won over Atletico.


In the game Navas returned to the team’s starting lineup, but he still failed zero seal to opponent in the game. Counting the game, Navas has 12 consecutive games lost the ball, which is the first time in Navas’ career. In last week’s international competition day, Navas also appeared very outrageous mistakes.


Real Madrid two times’ zero seal to the opponent goalkeeper is Casilla. Although Zinedine Zidane expressed the trust to Navas, if Navas does not timely to adjust the state, Casilla may replace him at any time in Real Madrid’s starting lineup.


Mane Is Like to Miss the Whole Season


Won over the enemy Everton is wonderful to Livepool, but lost the team’s top scorer can be described as bad. More information is on where to buy fifa coins where you can buy cheap FIFA 17 Coins.


With personal ability Mane scored a goal in the game start stage, but then fell to the ground, and sprained knen. Although the current test result has not come out, the Senegalese is likely to bid farewell to this season.


Now Liverpool 59 points ranked third in the league, but Manchester United, Arsenal and other Champions League competitors are in hot pursuit, they also two games less than Liverpool. So Mane is very important to Liverpool. So far he scored 13 goals, who is the team’s top scorer. Just in the beginning of the year at the time of the African Cup, Liverpool suffered a record decline, so his absence to Livepool is very deadly.

FUT 17 Champions Club Monthly Prize Sweepstakes

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FIFA 18: Get to Know about the Features and Wishlist

We would like to see tons of new celebrations added in FIFA 18. The number of signature celebrations is increasing and not to mention the generic celebrations that most players use.
The game development committee should think about how to add more and more celebration for a single player. This way we would not run out of different celebrations for our top scorer.
Lifelike Player faces
It has been brought to attention every year when the new FIFA is released that, the game face for players are not good enough. EA focuses on perfecting the popular player faces and leaving the rest of others with the somewhat similar face.
We are not asking that FIFA 18 needs to have all the player’s face to be perfect but EA has to move on to the lesser famous players and work on their details. Memphis Depay finally got his face in FIFA 17 but another Manchester United teammate Eric Bailey is still a default face in the game.
Talking about faces, check out the next wish list.
Career Mode – Get your face in the game!
EA Sports implemented the feature to upload your face while creating a player back in FIFA 11 but it was not a success. They continued the scan feature for some time but it has not been improved on yet. We would like the see this fixed for FIFA 2018 game.
Creating a face (not uploading your own) for your created player also need improvement. If the settings were changed to something easier, best place to buy fifa 17 coins most FIFA 18 career mode players will actually use this creating the face and physical option.
A longer Story Mode: The Journey 2?
The biggest thing about the current FIFA game is the inclusion of the story mode; The Journey. We give credits to EA from starting the mode but it’s too short for most of us.
We got the chills, as well as the cries, form the story mode and it was a good first draft. We want it to last longer than 6 hours of gameplay.

FIFA 17 Winter Update

The Winter times are here and FIFA 17 is getting a bit of changes as the cold is rolling in to the minus.the best place to buy fifa coins online  FIFA 17 has been changed up over the past few months that it has been active in the game scene and it seems like the community is quite happy with all of the additions and changes with the game. Is this FIFA 17 winter update any good or is it just a random waste of time by EA? Let’s go down and find out.
Displaying correct kit on the player in the kit select screen.
Players will no longer be able to set custom player positions in Team Management during gameplay.
An issue in Squad Building Challenges where switching a higher rated player with a lower rated player resulted in the overall squad rating going up.
Removed Est. Date, Crest and Squad Name from the FUT Champions matchup screen.
Changed the latency bar graphic to give more detail on connection quality.
These are the biggest additions and changes to the FUT 17 (FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM) game mode and they are some big ones if I may say so myself. For players its hard to buy FIFA 17 Coins fast, fifa 17 coins sellers reviews same asbuy FIFA 17 Points Account online, but still the game is surely going to be a better FIFA series addition thanks to these changes.
Final Words
FIFA 17 has seen some good updates for all of it modes and it seems that the Winter update for FIFA 17 has improved FUT 17 quite a lot from its former website for buying fifa coins  So if you have thought over this time that FIFA 17 and FUT 17 have been missing out on something or have been broken, your fixes are here with the new Winter Update.

Bardelas Won The First Live FIFA 17 Game


More than 100 audiences watched the first game of the eight FIFA 17 games at Sportsbar 1904, in the FIFA World Football Museum in Zurich on Tuesday 13 December 2016. fifa coins buy cheap site The winner Bruno Bardelas has the opportunity to access for the “Wildcard” entry to the European qualifiers for the Grand Final of the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017 (FIWC17).
In the thrilling final showdown, two most spectacular e-sports stars from Switzerland met, 23-year-old Bardelas, a player with FC FC Zurich, beat Swiss champions Luca Boller, 24, from bPartGaming, 2-1. Playing as France, Bardelas made a 2-0 lead before halftime. While his opponent Boller, playing as Portugal, was able to find the net couldn’t manage an equalizer in the breathtaking last few minutes.
“I’m happy! Luca can won the Swiss championship, so today I have to celebrate a little revenge,” Bardelas said after the final. The winner won the first place in eight locations at the FIFA World Soccer Museum’s final live tournament, where tickets to the European qualifiers for the FIWC17 final in London were opened.
“It was a great honor for me to win here for the first live match in this fantastic position,” Bardelas continued after his “always opponent” Boller congratulated. “The FIFA World Soccer Museum is a wonderful meeting point for football fans – it’s pure goose-bumps! Now I wish I could achieve my dream to be part of the Finals.
With 32 competitors, the game began with a group stage made up of eight groups of four players. Round 16, then knockout in the last game before. The game was played simultaneously on four different screens in the Sportsbar 1904, best website to buy fifa coins  three of them on a huge live screen.
In the next six months, a series of live games for the 1904 Sportsbar will continue. Each championship winner will get a point in the final live tournament and get a ticket for the European qualifier on the line.
The FIWC17 Final in London will see players from all over the world compete for the best FIFA 17 players in the world – not to mention $ 200,000 and a trip to the best FIFA Soccer Awards ™. The FIWC17 runner-up will receive $ 100,000.
The road to London was fought by EA SPORTS ™ ‘s new competition model FUT. The start marks the beginning of a year-long competition for FIFA 17, where the prize pool totals $ 1.3 million.
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Join in the transfer market place to turn into the king of FUT

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One more tip would be to retain an eye on the genuine football right now. Does a player suddenly Extremely Nicely? where to buy fifa coins Then the odds are that the marketplace worth of those players also rises in FIFA. A single such player was Eden Hazard, the game performed immediately after match incredibly properly which he was rewarded with all the ‘player with the month award.
Mainly because of this there was a Squad Constructing Challenge exactly where you can get a particular card Eden Hazard. For this, you had players on the current and preceding clubs of Eden Hazard exchange. Everybody wanted this unique card, so the rates of Chelsea players and Belgians went swiftly upwards. Should you know ahead of time will currently looked at so you might make huge income by earlier to buy players.
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