FIFA 18: Get to Know about the Features and Wishlist

We would like to see tons of new celebrations added in FIFA 18. The number of signature celebrations is increasing and not to mention the generic celebrations that most players use.
The game development committee should think about how to add more and more celebration for a single player. This way we would not run out of different celebrations for our top scorer.
Lifelike Player faces
It has been brought to attention every year when the new FIFA is released that, the game face for players are not good enough. EA focuses on perfecting the popular player faces and leaving the rest of others with the somewhat similar face.
We are not asking that FIFA 18 needs to have all the player’s face to be perfect but EA has to move on to the lesser famous players and work on their details. Memphis Depay finally got his face in FIFA 17 but another Manchester United teammate Eric Bailey is still a default face in the game.
Talking about faces, check out the next wish list.
Career Mode – Get your face in the game!
EA Sports implemented the feature to upload your face while creating a player back in FIFA 11 but it was not a success. They continued the scan feature for some time but it has not been improved on yet. We would like the see this fixed for FIFA 2018 game.
Creating a face (not uploading your own) for your created player also need improvement. If the settings were changed to something easier, best place to buy fifa 17 coins most FIFA 18 career mode players will actually use this creating the face and physical option.
A longer Story Mode: The Journey 2?
The biggest thing about the current FIFA game is the inclusion of the story mode; The Journey. We give credits to EA from starting the mode but it’s too short for most of us.
We got the chills, as well as the cries, form the story mode and it was a good first draft. We want it to last longer than 6 hours of gameplay.

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