FIFA 17: Navas Had a Bad State

Real Madrid 4-2 won over Leganes, although they successfully got 3 points, compare fifa coins prices they again in the game lost the ball. Last time Real Madrid didn’t lose a ball also traced back to last November, in which they away 3-0 won over Atletico.


In the game Navas returned to the team’s starting lineup, but he still failed zero seal to opponent in the game. Counting the game, Navas has 12 consecutive games lost the ball, which is the first time in Navas’ career. In last week’s international competition day, Navas also appeared very outrageous mistakes.


Real Madrid two times’ zero seal to the opponent goalkeeper is Casilla. Although Zinedine Zidane expressed the trust to Navas, if Navas does not timely to adjust the state, Casilla may replace him at any time in Real Madrid’s starting lineup.


Mane Is Like to Miss the Whole Season


Won over the enemy Everton is wonderful to Livepool, but lost the team’s top scorer can be described as bad. More information is on where to buy fifa coins where you can buy cheap FIFA 17 Coins.


With personal ability Mane scored a goal in the game start stage, but then fell to the ground, and sprained knen. Although the current test result has not come out, the Senegalese is likely to bid farewell to this season.


Now Liverpool 59 points ranked third in the league, but Manchester United, Arsenal and other Champions League competitors are in hot pursuit, they also two games less than Liverpool. So Mane is very important to Liverpool. So far he scored 13 goals, who is the team’s top scorer. Just in the beginning of the year at the time of the African Cup, Liverpool suffered a record decline, so his absence to Livepool is very deadly.

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