FIFA 17: Futbol Club Barcelona 3-2 Won Over Real Madrid

Spain local time 23: 45 on the 23rd, the 2016 / 17 season La Liga 33th round focus match in the Bernabeu Stadium started the race, the scene of El Clásico took place one thing that let the Barcelona fans feel worried when it was the first 20th minutes, Messi mouth encountered Marcelo elbow-blow and was wounded, fifa coins review site his mouth was blood. Messi after a simple treatment went back to the stadium, Barcelona thought that Marcelo was a serious foul, while the former La Liga referee Yi Turad also said: “Marcelo raised his arm, because he knew Messi was there. Doing this was  to hurt the mouth of Messi, which obviously should get red card.”


In the first 28th minute, Real Madrid made the lead, but 5 minutes later Messi helped Barcelona tie the game, at that time, Raktić passed the ball, Messi took the ball Slipped past Kawahar and then at 12 yards low shot the lower right corner of the net and scored the goal, 1- 1. This is Messi’s first goal at last seven El Clásico, before that, his six consecutive El Clásico failed to score, since 2014 he did not break the Real Madrid goal. In 2014, Messi in the Bernabeu staged a hat trick, of which two are penalty, to help Barcelona 4 to 3 win the match.


Messi’s goal made Barcelona be relieved, and he brought large threat to Real Madrid on tactics. On the half time, Casemiro fouled on Messi and almost got the second yellow card. And on the second half, once again Barcelona leading the score, Messi let Ramos got a red card, which made Real Madrid lost an important 90 minutes goal factor.


Although Real Madrid in the first 85th minutes equalized the match by James Rodríguez, in the first 92th minute Messi helped Barcelona complete the lore, Sergei – Roberto raid to fight back, Alba passed the ball on the left side of the restricted area, Messi at 14 yards first Time scored into the lower left corner, 3-2. This is his 47th goals in this season, which scored 31 goals in the league.


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