FIFA 18: Serie A, the most tactical championship in the world

The Serie A has always been one of the most followed leagues in the world. In the 90s every football fan in the world knew by heart the names of the players who played in the most important teams of Serie A. is there a secure site to buy coins for fifa 18 Each champion wanted to arrive in Serie A, both for the chance to grow as a champion, both for the prestige that this championship carried with him. In recent years, however, the Serie A has undoubtedly suffered from a drop in quality given the movement of capital in other neighboring leagues. Obviously, as in most cases, the shift in investment has meant an impoverishment of football within the league. Despite this, Milan, Inter and Juventus prove they are still worth a lot in Europe.

Serie A has always shown clear characteristics compared to other national club championships. The Italian brand has heavily influenced the development of football produced within this tournament. The coaches always focused on the tactical aspect have produced a tendency to study the opponent before and during the game. It is not at all unusual to see coaches make tactical changes based on situations during the game. Players get the message and rarely a Serie A team wins only with the attack. It is now well known that to win the Italian championship the first characteristic that we must have is a hard defense. This absolutely makes the point with the intrinsic difficulty of the championship itself to make goals. Very often the victories are measured and the greatest need is to suffer as few goals as possible.

Despite a tendency to search for perfect defense, the Italian league has given light to strikers out of the ordinary in recent years. One of the flaws is probably to express itself in cycles of victories. The dry games are always fought but in general it is known who will win the championship as early as January. It remains in any case one of the most exciting championships in the world.

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FIFA 18: FIFA 18 Gameplay Review and Graphics Comparison

I’m a Hardcore fan of PES (In fact, it is because of my poor configuration of computer), but it  must to be said that EA’s best football game – FIFA 18 is ahead of the opponent.
As we know, EA Sport FIFA Has Deep Pockets, buy ultimate team coins they have almost all the copyright of the soccer team all around the world, but PES needs to updates at the later period. As a PES fan, it is annoying that we need to guess the opponent who are they. Also,  both attack and defense are more strategic in FIFA 18. The Ultimate Team mode meets the needs of most players, they can battle online, open the packs, and play the ranking  match.
Every September is a feast for football fans, EA Sport and KONAMI will release the new edition of their football game.
Frostbite Engine brings a high quality graphics
Last year, FIFA 17 used the Frostbite Engine and the big progress of the graphics was well-received. It makes FIFA 18 continue to use Frostbite Engine firmly. We must say, fifa 18 coins cheap the graphics and effect in FIFA are superb, such as The magnificent Bernabeu stadium and the majestic Wembley stadium. And the characters’ facial expressions and action details are almost perfect.
And the characters’ facial expressions and action details are almost perfect. Whether it is the fidelity of the grass, the lighting effect on the pitch, the reduction of the game, even the support of the audience, or the highlight of the game after the match, it is very good.
But there are some flaws in FIFA 18 too. Except for the famous players, most of the players are fake faces, maybe it’s due to the large database of players, they look totally different as they are in reality. At this point, FIFA can be said to lag behind its old rivals. But it can also be a standard for a player’s reputation.
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FIFA 18 OTW cards

FIFA 18 Ones to Watch cards are a significant, recently-added mechanic in Ultimate Team mode, best fifa coins website collecting several hand-picked players under the age of 30 who secured high-profile transfers this summer.

A ‘live’ version of player cards in FUT, Ones to Watch add an intriguing option for players both on the pitch and in the ever-changing FUT Transfer Market, tracking players form over time.

The roster’s changed again this year – and has since been updated following the January 2018 transfer window – so below we’ll not only be explaining how OTW cards work, but also putting together a FIFA 18 OTW players list for you to sift through, too.

FIFA 18 OTW cards explained – fifa ultimate team fifa coins what are Ones to Watch cards and when are they available from?

In brief, Ones to Watch cards work by changing according that player’s in-form cards in Ultimate Team. It means that if, say, Neymar picks up a new Team of the Week card with improved stats of an Overall 94, compared to his usual 92, his One to Watch card will change to a 94 rating.

They’re essentially a fantastic invenstment card – but it depends on your own powers of prediction too, buy cheap fifa coins as the cards are expensive if you don’t get one with luck, and will only improve over time if that player is having a great season themselves.

FIFA 18: While negotiating with the major five for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team in Bundesliga

While considering a good budget or going for squad in FUT 18, the Bundesliga comes out as a well-like selection often. Gamer is not to be able to afford great deals of players of Bayern Munich immediately.what is the most trustworthy fifa coin site Hence, it has unless looked for the major players that are not to dismantle the bank. Visiting the nearest, professional online gaming house helps gamer avail cheap fifa 18 coins to start procuring the best available players while making a dream FUT 18. Borussia Dortmund has not passed the best season in actual life; however, they have a few seasonal players upon FUT 18. Gamers can find now the some players.

One of them is Kevin Vogt with 80 appearing as one of the best defenders in Bundesliga. He is with 6’4” with 85 strength perhaps. This player can also play as a good passing man for a center back. In the field, the dream is his 83 long passing and it can commence a great deal of counter invasions.

The next one is Gonzalo Castro with 82 and he comes out as an absolute pleasure to play with him in FIFA 18. This central midfielder is considered one of the most harmonized and well-rounded players in the game as there are only his two red stats. These two are to be penalties and heading. Gamers usually do not have to apply both much in this instance.

Max Kruse with 82 comes out as an inexpensive player in the game; His slower pace can make one fool as he is considered a sensational player. The stats for shooting, dribbling, and passing come out as all superb with almost all of those starts are 80 or more. Perhaps, his pace is not the best one. It is to match him with somebody, as he is to make a hail for the opposition. One-twos, long shots and through balls are to be reckoned for him. Buy fut 18 coins online.

Gamer can also go for Christian Pulisic with 78. This player offers a good pace as a winger and he is from America. He is considered a genuine one for the defenders. His pace and dribbling appear in the 90s while converting him into a very hard one to handle. legit fifa coin sites His shooting is not luminous at 68. It is better to take a long shot while playing with him. He makes the gamer count his four-star skills and four-star weak-foot. It indicates that gamer does have a very good player on his hands.

Mario Gomez with 82 appears with 6’2”. He is considered a typical target player for any gamer. His four-star weak-foot, 86 strength, 83 heading, along with 84 positioning and completing makes him a goal-scoring machine. He is not one of the fastest strikers. However, gamer can find many faster and more innovative players in the Bundesliga to frame. Alternatively, gamer can save and purchase a hunter. His shooting makes him become an unbelievable 91 and pace up to a reputable 84.

FIFA 18 News: Earlier Rumor Possibly Turned Into Reality

If EA Sports Proceeded To Change Absolutely Nothing From FIFA 17 In Time For 18 Other Than Re-Skinning New Kits And Reflecting Real-Life Transfers, The Game Would Still Sell By The Truckload. That’s The Reality Of EA’s Football Juggernaut.

That Doesn’t Mean FIFA Shouldn’t Push Forward Though, Because 17 Was Hardly The Perfect Game. Fans Of The Series Demand Constant Updates,top 5 fifa 18 site to buy coins via quick delivery  And This Feverish Quest For Information Has Led To Numerous Rumours Hitting The Internet Harder Than Ibrahimovic Smashes In Penalties. Several Of These Suggestions Are Merely The Result Of Fan Wish Lists, But What If They’re True? Here Are Some Rumours Which Can Become Reality In FIFA 18.

FIFA 18 Won’t Be On Last-Gen Consoles

FIFA 07 Was The First Title In The Series To Hit Microsoft’s Xbox 360 (Sony’s PS3 Didn’t Get A Version And Would Have To Wait Until The Following Year For Some FIFA-Style Goodness). Ever Since 07’S Release At The Tail End Of 2006, Every Single FIFA Game Has Been On That Generation Of Consoles, But It All Ends Here.

Rumours Persist That FIFA 18 Won’t Be On The 360 Or PS3 At All. This Makes Sense, Because The FIFA 17 Fans Clinging On To Both Consoles Experienced Was Stripped Down Beyond Belief And Even Used The Old Ignite Engine To Run The Game Instead Of The Frostbite One Xbox One And PS4 Owners Played.

It Looks Like It’s Time For Those Who Still Show Their Old Consoles A Lot Of Love To Get With The Times And Update To A Newer and legit fifa coins  Of All The Rumours Circulating About FIFA 18, This One Seems To Have The Most Truth About It. The Current Console Cycle Has Been Running For Over Four Years Now, So It’s Time To Kiss The Old Goodbye And Focus On The Current Gen.

Nintendo Switch Version Will Be Stripped Down Drastically

A Nintendo Switch Version Wouldn’t Be The First Time EA Sports Have Tried To Work Their Magic On Consoles Other Than The Power Couple Of PlayStation And Xbox. Remember Those Ill-Fated Wii Ports That Failed To Make The Most Of The System’s Unique Gameplay Style? Well, Switch Could Be EA’s Latest Try.

It Seems Likely Any Switch Version Will Suffer A Downgrade Compared To The PS4 And Xbox One Versions Of FIFA 18. Nintendo’s New Console Just Can’t Match Either In Terms Of Sheer Graphical Prowess Or Processing Power, So Gamers May Be About To Live Through Another ‘Legacy’ Edition Similar To The Ones Released On PS Vita.

Nobody Who Played Those Needs To Be Reminded Just How Successful That Experiment Was (In Other Words, Not At All).  Expect A Switch Edition Of FIFA 18 To Come With Some Limitations, Although How Deeply That Will Impact Core Gameplay Or The Game’s Feature Set Remains To Be Seen.

Team Momentum Comeback In Career Mode

Glimpse At The Picture Accompanying This Entry And You May Be Wiping The Screen Wondering Why Everything Is So Blurry. Modern-Day Crispness Be Damned: That Shot Is From FIFA 06, Released In 2005. Eagle-Eyed Fans Of The Series Will Also Notice Something Else.

The Little Dots Next To Each Team Name Weren’t Just There For Show; They Represented ‘Team Momentum’ In The Game. Basically Boiling Down To Which Side Was In The Ascendancy, This Feature Was Supposedly Governed By How Well The Player Could String Together Passes, Pepper The Opposition Goal With Shots, And Even Deal With The CPU Defensively.

The Sun Reported On The Idea Of Momentum Making A Comeback In FIFA 18, But Even That National Newspaper Was Quick To Temper This Being Fact. Right Now, It’s Simply Conjecture, A Rumour Furthered By Those Who Miss The Ebb And Flow Of Games Gone Past.

Maybe Those Folks Should Stick In A Copy Of PES, wheres the best place to buy fut coins Because Konami’s Own Franchise Still Uses Momentum And Team Chemistry To Great Effect.

FIFA 18: All New FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Details

EA Aren’t Keeping Their Cards Close To Their Chest Any Longer: They’ve Released A Wave Of Brand-New Info For FIFA 18’S Ultimate Team, Including A Big Change To Icons, listing of best places to buy fifa coins Transformative Tweaks To Fan-Favourite Modes And A Litany Of Extra Options To Bring You Back To FUT Again And Again For The 17/18 Season.

Icon Stories
Having Already Revealed That Legends Have Been Re-Branded To Icons, EA Took A Bigger Step To Whetting Your Pack Appetite By Announcing That Icons Are Available In Three Flavours, Titled Icon Stories, Each Representing A Key Moment In Their Career. Take Thierry Henry. Recent Uproar Over His 90 LW Card Has Been Put To Rest With News That You Can Find Three Thierry Henry Cards In Packs: An 87 LW Card From The Frenchman’s Monaco, Juventus, And Early Arsenal Days; A 93 ST From Henry In All Of His Arsenal Swagger And, Finally, The Controversial 90 LW Card Taken From His Swansong At Barcelona In 2009. Lev Yashin, Maradona, Pele, OG Ronaldo, Rio Ferdinand, And Ronaldinho Also Have Three Cards From Their Careers, Along With The Returning Icons. cheap fifa coins for sale Don’t Go Spending All Of Your Coins On Packs Just Yet, Though.
All-New Pack Openings
Ultimate Team Is Nothing Without Its Bread And Butter, The Pack Openings. Except EA Have Replaced The Bread With Fireworks And The Butter With Confetti. Yup, Pack Openings Have Been Turned Up To Eleven This Year. And Then Some. Big Players Such As Dele Alli And Cristiano Ronaldo Are Not Only Accompanied By Blazing Explosions And All The Pomp And Circumstance Of A New Signing, But Also Their Trademark Moves. Ronaldo Has His Lovingly Arrogant ‘Siiii’ Celebration And Alli Comes With, Umm, His Wave. It’s A Neat Touch And Makes Packing Quality Players An Even Bigger Occasion Than Before.
Squad Building Challenges 2.0
Squad Building Challenges Have Undergone An Overhaul Too. Last Year’s Fresh, Utterly Addictive Addition Now Includes ‘Brick’ Cards. Put Simply, They’re An Extra Layer Of Devilish Depth To Keep Your Scratching Your Heads. Bricks Act As Generic Placeholder Cards Of Certain Clubs And Countries To Build Around. An Argentinian Midfield Card, For Example, Will Be Crying Out For A Di Maria Or Messi To Link To. They’ve Even Given Us A ‘Clear Squad’ Feature, Which Removes The Frustration Of Having To Shuffle And Remove Every Player Manually.
First Confirmed One To Watch Cards
Also Returning This Year Are Ones To Watch Cards. For The Uninitiated, Any Top Players Who Have Moved Clubs In The Transfer Windows Get Their Own Special Cards To Be Upgraded Should They Have A Great Gameweek And Make The In Form Team Of The Week. The First Five OTW Cards Confirmed This Year Are Alexandre Lacazette, Douglas Costa, Romelu Lukaku, Leonardo Bonucci And James Rodriguez. You Can Even Deck Your Team Out In The New Threads Of The Swanky One To Watch Kits.
Squad Battles
For Those With A Single-Player Bent, Squad Battles Will Be Your New Go-To Game Mode. Every Week, New Squads Will Be Available To Face Off Against But – Here’s The Kicker – The XI You Come Up Against Will Be Created By Players From The FUT Community And Handpicked By The EA Team. good sites to buy fifa coins What Frustrating Controller-Crushing Concoctions Will FIFA Players Come Up With? Only Time Will Tell.
Champions Channel
Finally, If You’re Pining To See The World’s Best Do Their Thing On FUT Then There’s Also Champions Channel. Highlights And Games From FUT’s Weekend League Will Be Available On-Demand, All Lined Up And Ready To Watch In Curated Packages. You Can Take Notes, Nod Approvingly Or, If You’re Like Me, Cry That You’ll Never Ever Be Quite That Good.

FIFA 18 Serie A Squad Guide

Introduction to the FIFA 18 Serie A Squad Guide

Building a team is the biggest challenge in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. It doesn’t need to be the best team, cheapest place to buy fut 18 coinsthis is because the budget may not allow it, but it needs to be the player’s stature for him to obtain success.

When choosing which players to play with, you will have to look carefully at their attributes. Choosing a team based on ratings is one of the most common mistakes on FUT 18. It’s precisely this aspect that this guide focuses on. For each position, and focusing on the truly important attributes, we’ll show you who are the best athletes to choose.

It’s also important that the player checks to see if the player he chooses fits the formations he likes to play in. For example, a good full back will be useless if the player only uses a formation with three defenders.
top fifa coin websites According to these formations, the player must be cautious and look at the work rate. Try to relate them with the ones we advise in our Formations Guide.

Last but not least, it’s mandatory that you tune all of your team so that the individual and team chemistry will be as high possible. For this last step to be easier, the majority of the players start to define the type of team they’re building. Some choose to gather players of the same nationality, while others decide to form a team of players from the same league. There are also more experienced players that can form hybrid teams without damaging team chemistry a lot.

All of these steps are necessary to have; or it could mean that the team is not always well built as it could be. This article aims to help those that want to form a FIFA 18 Serie A squad. Even the players that already have a team based in this league, could take out some valuable conclusions from this guide that could help you make your team even better.

We received thousands of comments about similar guides that we have published in previous years. Most of them have asked us to help improve their teams and the players they had. It’s important that the readers understand that this guide is simply guidance. It’s a theme too vast and the player combinations are almost infinite. Besides, there are various factors that influence the choices, like one’s style of play, the formations used, the available budget, cheap reliable fut coins the preferences or even the time spent playing. There’s still one uncertain component: a good player for someone might not be for another. If there was a better team everyone would fight to get it. Part of the fun of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team is this: everyone has their personal club and players.

FIFA 18 Makes Great Progress Thanks To Four Major Upgrades

Due to the deterioration of the reputation of the football governing body, FIFA’s video game series of the same name seems to be improved. Last year’s version sold 1.1 million copies only in the opening week alone, and that popularity is not limited to fans. Professional football players also compete with stores to find out how their real-world performance has been transferred to the virtual pitch by developer EA Canada’s army of data analysts. compare fifa coins FIFA 18 promises to expand and deepen the game, making it becomes more and more beautiful year by year. FIFA 18 becomes more and more great mainly due to the following updates!

In its stride

Last year’s game was built on a new technology basis, the Frostbite Engine, which meant a seismic upgrade in graphics. Now, it is used along with motion-capture technology to create an array of running styles appropriate to each player. Now you have to anticipate strides in order to time passes and shots, and the unique gaits of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are all realised on screen.

The incredible journey

FIFA 17 introduced a very popular story mode. In the process, you took a young promising player, Alex Hunter, from after-school knockabouts through to his first signing(to a club of your choice) and up through the big leagues. As Hunter continues to rise through the rank, this year’s game picks up the threads of this story and now playing alongside a broader cast in ever more diverse locations.

Finishing school

FIFA has long supported new players with dynamic and effective tutorials that explain the fundamentals of the game. Its latest edition extends this support to intermediaries and veterans with training features that suit the difficulty level at which you play. For example, for those who compete at the highest level of the game, they will be support in learning the intricacies of the new volley system.

It just got (even more) real

Over the past few years, FIFA has tracked the real-world of football season, through online updates to match weekly fixtures and injuries. FIFA 18 will expand this to professional players’ performances. The statistics will be tweaked throughout the season to accurately reflect how up-and-coming stars such as Kylian Mbappé perform in real life.

Have you got any chance to get a taste of FIFA 18? If not, do not worry, you can play the game just after one day as it is set to release worldide on Septmber 29. And you can get the cheapest FIFA 18 Coins on professional site recommended fifa coin sites, where also offer the fast delivery and 7/24 online support!

FIFA 18 Unlock a Brand-New Legend Ultimate Team

FIFA 18 Unlock a Brand-New Legend Ultimate Team


Since the publishing date of FIFA 18 released, the game had been hot-discussed at the time. A recent inside release information indicated that Brazilian ST Ronaldo will be included in FIFA 18 when it launches later this autumn. Ronaldo moved to FC Barcelona from Philips Sport Vereeniging, and double netted 34 goals during 37 appearances.where to buy cheapest fifa coins  The only downside to the FUT 18 is exclusive to the precedent console PS3 and Xbox360.



The major details of FIFA 18 are expected at the E3 Conference in June. We hope and indeed expect to see updated come the game’s late September release. Following nine changes which would once more let FIFA 18 ahead of the Pro Evo for title honor.


More match results always comes with few difference, EA Sports had not admit the existence of AI of FIFA 18, but there will because the requirement of Career Mode, will your Alex Hunter play with other Alex Hunters?  That sounds weird. Whether online or offline, you will have experienced passages in matches where an opponent seems great surpass you, just feel like something the engine has cooked up for drama purposes.


Similarly, matches should feel hugely different at league Two level compared with the top flight. More intelligent AI transfers should be included, sounds hard to get right. But the illusion of reality in player’s mode is often smashed by years as AI teams make amazing decisions in the transfer market. The Journey Season 2 is one with guaranteed to come true.safest fut coin seller  EA Sports has confirmed that FIFA 18 will bring back The Journey for a second season. Zealots had said they would like total user control over your player’s stats.

FIFA 18 Cover Stars List: Who deserves to be on the Cover of FIFA 18?

Who will be the FIFA 18 Cover Star? Every year brings a new debate over who deserves to be on the cover of the best world selling football games – FIFA. Not Messi nor Ronalado, best place for us to buy fifa coins here are some potential FIFA 18 players who have great hope to become FIFA 18 Cover Stars.



Like Hazard, his stats are good, but they don’t tell the whole story. 15 goals in 40 games doesn’t sound like much, but Neymar’s game is more well-rounded now, and he creates as many if not more than he scores. As a result, his presence on the pitch is magnetic – he poses such a multidimensional threat that he automatically creates space for his team-mates – a gift that only the very best footballers ever give.

Not only that, he’s the face of football in the biggest footballing nation in the world, and probably the face of the sport on a world stage when Messi and Ronaldo retire. How can it not be Neymar, then? Well, Barcelona’s partnership with Konami might well get in the way of that, as might Neymar’s own deal with Pro Evo, but if EA can find a way around that, we reckon Neymar will be your FIFA 18 cover athlete.


Marco Reus

Like club-mate Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Marco Reus has shown incredible loyalty to Borussia Dortmund, sticking with his hometown team despite interest from the biggest clubs in world football. That loyalty alongside his fantastic technical footballing ability has made him a real favourite among football fans everywhere, and as a result, he won EA’s public poll to choose the cover athlete for FIFA 17.

That of course was the first year after the end of Lionel Messi’s contract, and while Reus is the incumbent and therefore must have a good shot of making the cover of FIFA 18 as well, EA have had a year to figure out alternative plans, and Reus has struggled with injury this season. If EA goes to a vote again, Reus stands a very good chance of being on the front of FIFA 18.


Paulo Dybala

Just as EA predicted, Paulo Dybala continues to go from strength to strength, elevating his status to perhaps the most in-demand young talent in world football. He started the season slowly, as Juventus adapted to the summer exit of Paul Pogba, but as the club has settled, so has Dybala, turning in sensational performances that have fully lived up to his nickname of ‘La Joya’ (The Jewel). With his combination of pace, trickery, and a keen eye for goal, it’s no wonder that he’s on highlight reels seemingly every week, most trustworthy fifa ut coin sellers and at just 23 years old, he has a solid decade of top level football ahead of him. It might be time for EA to start looking towards the future, and locking down Dybala to a long-term contract to be FIFA’s cover star would be good business.