FIFA 18: FIFA 18 Gameplay Review and Graphics Comparison

I’m a Hardcore fan of PES (In fact, it is because of my poor configuration of computer), but it  must to be said that EA’s best football game – FIFA 18 is ahead of the opponent.
As we know, EA Sport FIFA Has Deep Pockets, buy ultimate team coins they have almost all the copyright of the soccer team all around the world, but PES needs to updates at the later period. As a PES fan, it is annoying that we need to guess the opponent who are they. Also,  both attack and defense are more strategic in FIFA 18. The Ultimate Team mode meets the needs of most players, they can battle online, open the packs, and play the ranking  match.
Every September is a feast for football fans, EA Sport and KONAMI will release the new edition of their football game.
Frostbite Engine brings a high quality graphics
Last year, FIFA 17 used the Frostbite Engine and the big progress of the graphics was well-received. It makes FIFA 18 continue to use Frostbite Engine firmly. We must say, fifa 18 coins cheap the graphics and effect in FIFA are superb, such as The magnificent Bernabeu stadium and the majestic Wembley stadium. And the characters’ facial expressions and action details are almost perfect.
And the characters’ facial expressions and action details are almost perfect. Whether it is the fidelity of the grass, the lighting effect on the pitch, the reduction of the game, even the support of the audience, or the highlight of the game after the match, it is very good.
But there are some flaws in FIFA 18 too. Except for the famous players, most of the players are fake faces, maybe it’s due to the large database of players, they look totally different as they are in reality. At this point, FIFA can be said to lag behind its old rivals. But it can also be a standard for a player’s reputation.
Looks really so cool, but if you are not a beginner in FIFA 18, I’m sure you must have experienced the improvement of FIFA 18, and now just buy cheap fifa 18 coins from best place to buy fifa coins to get your dreaming players for your ultimate team.

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