Reasons to be a doctor

I can’t pinpoint the exact time that I chose to be a doctor, or the moment/personal experience that sparked me, but rather it was something that I gradually focused a lot of my attention towards. I specifically remember in Year 6 wanting to be a ‘scientist’/’inventor’ – medicine is certainly a sub-sector of that considering that research studies and medical advancements. So to sort of clarify to myself how I got to where I am now, I have put my reasons into 2 general lists. I am open to other reasons, so feel free to write what inspired you to become a doctor in the comments!! It’s nice to get other points of views. I hope this helps some of you but above all your personal experiences whilst volunteering, work experience and growing-up will be the best answers you can give in an interview. If you are being genuine then you can’t be criticised!

Inspiration growing up:

  • Watching medical documentaries and articles
  • very large scope of specialities
  • wide career opportunities – researching, travelling, science institutes, lecturer, surgeon, GP, etc…
  • leadership and teamwork
  • Working alongside other great professions e.g. nurses, midwives, medical physicists, pharmacists, etc…
  • challenging and stimulating – requires problem solving and constantly ameliorating post-graduation
  • fascination in science and how the body functions, why it doesn’t, how its cured, how its made

Inspiration whilst on work experience/volunteering:

  • Working with and being part of families
  • Reward of treating a patient (even when they thought they wouldn’t be able to live) – improving quality of life
  • Explaining medicine to people/close gaps between medicine and the public
  • Part of community
  • Teaching students
  • 2 days are never the same
  • Applying your knowledge to benefit others
  • meeting people of different walks of life e.g. criminals

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