The Tsimane People

Recently, it was suggested that researchers have found a population with the healthiest cardiovascular system in the world, and it’s in the Amazon Rainforest – Bolivia, to be precise.

The Tsimane are a group of people who live, hunt and fish in the Bolivian lowlands of the Amazon Rainforest, and after extensive research, scientists have concluded that these people have the healthiest hearts in the world. So what is the secret: genetic protection? natural selection? medicine that offers immunity against CVD? No, its none of these things. The secret of the Tsimane people is that the hunter-gatherer lifestyle they lead is very healthy, and whilst it may not be practical for us in the UK to adopt this lifestyle, we can definitely learn some things from them.

Let’s look at their diet; they have a very high calorie intake from carbohydrates – almost 3/4 of their energy comes from rice, maize and a vegetable called manioc, which is similar to sweet potato. Then, some of their calories come from fat (14%) and the rest from protein.┬áSecondly, they are far more physically active, with each person in the tribe averaging 16,500 steps a day, whilst here in the UK, the average person would achieve just under 10,000. Finally, and unsurprisingly, they some significantly less, meaning their bodies are not exposed to the huge number of chemicals found in cigarettes.

So can we learn from them? What has been concluded from this research is that the good diet and the lack of smoking places the Tsimane in good stead, but the exercise is believed to be what makes the biggest difference between their hearts and the hearts of people in the UK; whilst we may train intensely at the gym three times a week, and then sit down for six hours straight at work, the Tsimane are almost constantly on the move, so scientists suggest introducing exercise into smaller aspect of life, such as walking / cycling to work everyday, or simply using the stairs instead of an escalator.

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