About Me

Hello everyone,

I am currently in year 13, studying biology, chemistry, and maths for my A levels, and I am an aspiring medical student. I have just submitted my application for medical school to start in September 2018, and am currently awaiting responses. I have a particular interest in the cardiovascular and the nervous system, although anything associated with human biology captures my attention very easily!

In writing this blog, and updating it on a regular basis, I hope to enhance my knowledge of the medical world, as well as conveying what I have learnt to other future medics.

I realise that I am incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to share my own thoughts and opinions regarding current affairs in medicine, and I would welcome any comments, whether they be in support of what I have written, or against it – I love a good debate!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I have enjoyed researching and writing it!


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