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Hello readers, this is my site and my method of writing up on medical news, trends and breakthroughs for you guys to read. It will also be a chronological journal of all that I do that will hopefully one day help me gain one of those coveted places at medical school. Basically on this site, what’s mine is yours and I hope that I can help in any way with any for any of you other students hoping to go to medical school and that you enjoy what I write for you guys. Happy reading!

Medlink 2012

When I first ventured out to Nottingham university I had no idea what to expect from the famous Medlink conference. First of all I agree that it should not be called a conference as it is nothing like a conference it is a unique experience of classes, lectures and the feeling of real medical student life. By the way if you’re in Willoughby Hall, make sure you get to the showers early!

I must warn any readers though that coming to Medlink will not instantly give you a place at medical school. It will give the tools and vital information you need but no free pass but by coming to Medlink you are instantly more likely to succeed in achieving a place at medical school than, as quoted in my time there:

“Some cheap little d*** head who couldn’t be asked to come.” 

I think it’s pretty fair to say that the lecture on medicine and surgery in Europe will be one I’ll remember for years to come! It’s not all just sitting around and listening to people talk though, I had great fun in the practical lessons with the stethoscopes (little tip: buy the upgraded version) learning that placement of the stethoscope must go in the sequence of 2-2-4-5, referring to the ribs that the bell/diaphragm must be placed on. It must also be held in the correct way (between the forefinger and middle finger) to allow for better control.

A for Aortic, P for Pulmonary/Pulmonic, T for Tricuspid and M for Mitral.

The sounds made when the stethoscope is positioned correctly come from the aortic, pulmonary (aka pulmonic), tricuspid, and mitral valves. Remember this from the quotes:

“All Patients Take Medicine.”


“All Prostitutes Take Money.”


Both equally memorable! Just don’t tell the second to your parents!

A part of Medlink that will stay with me forever though will be what happened before two of the lectures but as any good author of suspense novella will do, I will leave you to find out for yourselves. Just check out my personal blog on the official Medlink blog website where you will see two links to Facebook videos which will show you exactly what I mean.

Stay posted!