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Surgery, Mon 17th June 2013

Wow. That was a lot of pain.

On Monday I underwent a surgical procedure (hernioplasty) to correct an inguinal hernia in my lower left abdomen and so far I am recovering quite well. To give a bit of background the hernia was congenital which means I have had it since birth and as the surgeon explained it, it occurred when my left testicle descended as a bit of bowel (peritoneum) was dragged along with it when it descended. The technique that was used is known as the ‘Lichtenstein operation’ and involves the insertion of a mesh of polypropylene to prevent the hernia from returning.

It was quite an experience going under anaesthetic for the operation as I have not been operated on since I was four years old and cannot remember the experience so it was like undergoing it for the first time all over again. When I woke up, the pain I felt can only be described as being similar to feeling the biggest kick in the balls ever but without the pain eventually fading away. Seriously I was begging the nurses to let me adjust my sleeping position and soon enough they were bringing me little paper cups with painkillers inside and started asking me to rate my pain for them. They wouldn’t give me morphine as morphine is like the last resort for controlling pain so I was given codeine instead. The nurses were superstars and I will never stop reinforcing my admiration and respect for nurses as they are truly invaluable to hospitals.

The worst part of the whole experience was walking for the first time. I had to walk to the bathroom as they would not discharge me until they could confirm that I had successfully passed urine (indicating a successful operation) and after taking five steps I was begging for a chair! One of the nurses was only a student from Brighton University but she carried out her duties perfectly and I felt totally safe in her care even though I was in a lot of pain.

All in all I am recuperating very well physically but the psychological effects have hit me quite hard. I find myself feeling very weak and depressed; mostly due to not being able to do martial arts or sports as they were my main way of dealing with stress and enjoying myself. Hopefully as I recover some more I will start to return to my old self.

Stay posted.