What Factors Will Affect The Use Of Garden Spray Guns

For garden spray guns, people should not be too strange. After all, there are so many uses in the garden. Many families buy garden spray guns, even if they don’t buy them, because they often go out to water the flowers or see the surroundings. The farm generally knows what kind of product it is. At the same time, everyone should be able to feel the emergence of this product to simplify the farm people.

Whether it’s using a garden spray gun to pour the plants on the side of the road, or a private garden, the watering effect obtained when using the garden spray gun is inevitable. So everyone needs to know exactly which factors will affect the use of garden spray guns?

A stable voltage is a prerequisite for the use of a garden spray gun. When the voltage is unstable, the pressure generated inside the high pressure water gun is also unstable, so the water flow from the water gun is also unstable.

At the same time, the lack of lubricating oil in the pump can also cause the water flow to be unstable. In the absence of moisturizing of the lubricating oil, the fluency of the water valve will be relatively poor, and the intermittent movement of the water valve will also cause instability of the water flow.

In addition, the quality of the water pipe will affect the stability of the water flow. It is best to use a better quality seal as the connecting part of the water pipe. There is no water shortage, so the water sprayed by the water gun is smoother and the water pipes should not be folded as much as possible.

In short, whether it is the design state or quality of the garden spray gun, or the power supply and water supply, it will affect its use. It must be in good shape in all aspects, and the use of water guns will be very good.

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