Social Media Causes Sense Of Isolation

Social media allows us all to communicate with anyone though out the world and allows instant messaging to friends and family so but it turns out that the use of social media increases the likelihood of feeling isolated.  


A study in 2014 based on multiple social networking sites such as Facebook, Snap Chat and twitter. Over 1500 people ages between 19 and 32 were used for the research with the participants having to declare the frequency and time which they spent on social media by filling out questionnaires. They also used a Patient report outcomes measurement system to assess the physical and mental health of participants. The study showed that people who used a social media platform over 2 hours a day are twice as likely to feel socially isolated than those who only used it for half and hour a day. This along with the fact that participants who visited social media 58 times a week were three times as likely to experience social isolation than those who went on nine times a week.

This information therefore concludes that the more a person uses social media then the more likely they are to feel isolated. Which considering that these networks allow a much more immediate and widespread communication span are actually detrimental to the social condition of the person. There are many theories why this is, one such is that people spending time on social media are doing so at the expense of other activities such as sports or clubs that would enable them to communicate face to face with other people. With the online communication not being as socially beneficial as actual conversations with people. Another theory is due to the nature of social media, everyone puts up posts of how well there life is going and glamorizes there lives. This can have a negative affect on a persons mental health as if already feeling down then looking social media will make some feel jealous due to other peoples supposably stress free lives.


The factor that I think affects the feeling of isolation the most is the exclusion factor. This is when a person doesn’t attend a social event and then the next day or the same night there are pictures on social media that portray the night to be very enjoyable. This can make anyone feel left out even if they were busy for that particular occasion but enhanced when this happens behind there back without an invitation. This is enough to make someone feel cast off, forgotten or unimportant by the group. This therefore leads the sense of being alone when before social media the person may have never even found out.

Social isolation is a growing health concern due to its association with high risk of mortality. With the increasing usage of social networks there is a potential for many more cases of the feeling of social isolation leading to premature deaths. The healthier someone is in the mind then the better they can function both physically and mentally. This makes it crucial to address this growing issue for the future health of the public especially due the the continuation of technology being an ever increasing part of all our lives.

How much do any of you use social media in a week please comment below.

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Sickle cell disease gene therapy

A teenager in France has had his sickle cell disease reversed due to treatment changing his DNA.


Sickle cell disease is a condition that affect the shape of  red blood cells so that they are unable to carry out there function of transporting oxygen throughout the body as well. The cells are normally round in shape but the condition makes them rod shaped. This is caused by a inherited faulty gene that affects the development of the red blood cells. Not only can the cells not transport as much oxygen but they also have a chance to block up blood vessels that in extreme cases can lead to a stroke or lung problems.

Some people don’t have the disease but are carriers so contain the potential for the children to have the condition rather than themselves. This can have implications wheather to have children as they could be a carrier of the condition or actually have it themselves which could have a impact on there quality of life. This makes it important for suffers to have there partners checked so a decision can be reached.

To combat this there a variety of treatments that are available depending on the severity of the disease and the individual. This can be due to regular painkillers such as ibuprofen and paracetamol or in some cases stronger in a hospital. Antibiotics can be used to counteract the higher risk of infection from the disease as well as ensuring that a person is fully vaccinated. A medicine called hydroxycarbamide can be used to reduce symptoms. Regular blood transfusions is used in extreme cases where the condition gets worse or when it damages parts of the body.

A newly explored treatment involves changing the genetic instructions in bone marrow, the part in bones that makes red blood cells, to rectify the coding error to make healthy red blood cells. A teenager in France has had this treatment done by using a virus to infect the bone marrow with the correct coding for them. The person used to have to go in for blood transfusions every month to dilute his blood but now 15 mouths after treatment they aren’t on any medication and appear to be completely rid of the disease. This example shows how gene therapy can give someone there lives back and can potentially improve the quality of lives for millions of people. The treatment needs to be tested on more people to see if it is viable as a mainstream treatment. The treatment can only be given in state of the art hospitals and laboratories so it will still be a while before it is widely accessible particularly due to the majority of suffers being in Africa. Even so this shows potential to play a massive role in treating sickle cell disease.

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National Cross Country

On the 25th of February I competed in the National cross country championships at Wollaton Park in Nottingham.


I went on a trip from the island to be able to compete in this competition as I have done for other events and previous years. The national cross country is one which I have attended for the last 6 years and have enjoyed each one with varying degrees of success. As you can probably tell by my placing this time I am certainly not anything special when it comes to running but do it for the fun. I like going out for runs and completing tough training sessions for the self satisfaction that it brings as well as to keep me healthy. It is also a great way to relive stress as well as any other negative emotions. Just being able to forget about everything going on and instead focus on the run, letting the brain have a rest from school work.


By running I have been able to meet lots of different people that all share the same interest as I do. It has therefore been a way of learning how to communicate with others to create new friends and share everyones different experiences. When I do sessions I do them with a group, I find this helpful as it means that I work harder than I would do without them. The feeling of people around subconsciously makes me try harder and also ensures that I attend sessions even when the weather is horrid or when I have no motivation. We all keep each other going in the toughest of sessions then also cheer each other in races to provide constant support to others in the group. So although running is sometimes seen as a solitary sport in reality there are communities created though the sport weather that being groups of runners or the whole club from coaches to officials.


In the future running will remain a way in which I can combat stress weather that be in the workplace or in my personal life, the sport will remain a large part of my life as I continue to train and hopefully improve.

Thanks for reading is anyone else out there a runner if so then what competitions have you competed in or what is your discipline.


P.S Im number 2257 in the red if your wondering



Everyone has sneezed and everyone will continue to sneeze it is one of the most common signs of a person with a cold or flu as well as a way in which diseases can be spread from person to person.


Why do we sneeze

Sneezing is a involuntary act that takes place due to irritation in the nose. This irritation can be caused by different stimulus for different people with the most common being pollen, perfume, smoke and any allergic substance. The nose senses that there is something within so will try go get it out with a large exhalation of air with the hope that the irritant will leave the body or get stuck in the mucus. The nose therefore goes back to its original condition and can function as normal. A sneeze is a reflex reaction that caused a violent reaction in the neck, chest, diaphragm and abdomen which all causes a blast of air leaving the nose. Inevitably saliva and mucus droplets will be forced out of the nose and can then spread the disease to another person.


With new research it has been revealed that the distance that a sneeze can travel has been servery underestimated. Having only thought that it could travel a distance of one meter in actuality a sneeze can travel over 8 meters which means that the chance of catching something off someone else is servery increased. This distance is due to smaller evaporating droplets creating a cloud which then stay suspended for minutes. If on the reciving end of a sneeze then unfortunately there is no way of being able to get away or cover your mouth if a mask hasn’t already been fitted due to the high speeds of the droplets. It is only the person sneezing that can help stop the spreading of the droplets we have all heard the slogan catch it, bin it, kill it. It refers to catching the sneeze in a tissue to then be disposed of and is the most effective way of preventing the spreading of illness. If a tissue is not hand though it is recommended to sneeze into your arm rather than your hands due to the potential spread of disease via door handles, keyboards and any surface that you touch with your hands. There is no way to stop yourself sneezing as it is a reflex response and no saying pineapples doesn’t stop a sneeze.

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Antibiotics to treat appendicitis

Appendicitis is when the appendix swells up resulting in pain in the abdomen, the main solution to this is to surgically remove the appendix but is there another alternative. 


Appendicitis has no known definite cause which makes prevention very hard so as a result it is one of the most common reasons that someone needs to go into surgery (one in 13 people will develop appendicitis) . It can develop at any age, but people between 10-20 years old are more likely to get it. The cause is believed the be due to infection or due to obstructions but has not been proven.

Up until this point the way it has been treated is by either keyhole surgery or open surgery which will remove the appendix (appendectomy) getting rid of the irritation, this is made viable by the little to no function that the appendix plays in the modern human body. This method has proven to be daunting especially to younger children who have no experience or knowledge of what is gong on. As with any operation there is also a small chance that something could go wrong or that complications can occur.

The use of antibiotics has been used somewhat in the treating of appendicitis before, in patients where there is little risk of the appendix bursting they might have been prescribed antibiotics to reduce the size of the swelling to make the operation easier or to allow keyhole surgery rather than open surgery. It is now thought that antibiotics could replace surgery as the prime treatment for appendicitis to provide a cheaper as well as a easier way to treat the condition.

So far not many trials have gone ahead to explore this possibility so more research needs to be undertaken. In studies involving 413 children non of them experienced any safety concerns or affects of using antibiotics but 14 percent of them studied went on to recurred the condition that wouldn’t have happened if an operation had been carried out. Without removing the appendix then patients could also be more likely to devolve complications with there appendicitis that can lead to abscess or peritonitis which is caused by the spreading of the infection to to other parts of the body around the appendix.

In the future there may not be as many surgeries to do with appendicitis and may become more of a last resort if antibiotics prove to be effective treatment. Only with increased research and trial will be sure of weather this is a viable option.

Hope you enjoyed reading any questions or suggestions leave in the comments used sources from medical news today and the NHS so if you want have a look at them then here are the links.

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Antibiotic resistant bacteria

Resistant bacteria becoming more of a problem


With the misuse and over prescribing of antibiotics the world is faced with a major threat to peoples lives. The problem is that now there are many forms of bacteria most notably MRSA  (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) that are resistant to antibiotics. These are often resistant to many different antibiotics which makes them particularly concerning. It means that infections that could once be solved by antibiotics are now becoming deadly due to no way of treating the infection due to antibiotics not being effective any more. This can also make operations risky due to exposing the body to infection which is why after many operations the patient is prescribed with antibiotics.  This has all happened because if not all of the bacteria are destroyed by an antibiotic then they are able to gain resistance from it. The bacteria then multiply which creates lots of resistant bacteria that can all do damage. This problem is caused by people not finishing their prescribed antibiotics as they start feeling better but therefore means that not all of the bacteria are destroyed. Another potential cause is over prescribing of them, the modern person expects to be given a drug when they visit the doctor this therefore means that the antibiotics are being given out unnecessarily in order to keep the patient happy. The short amount of time that GP’s have with patients is also another factor due to the easy solution being to give a person antibiotics if the condition is unknown. This indicates that some people may be receiving them when in reality they don’t need the antibiotics to get better. With more people using antibiotics it increases the chances of resistant forms being made and then spread.

Trying to find a solution

Due to the severity of the situation research has been going on to try and find new antibiotics or other solutions as it is feared that up to 10 million people could be dying from these bacteria every year by 2050. Some new discoveries have been made in the fight against these bacteria which shed hope for the future.

Brazilian peppertree has the ability to knock out the destructive nature of the bacteria. It was discovered due to amazon healers had been using it to treat skin infections. The tree was picked apart to try and find the source of the healing factor to try and understand how it worked. It turns out the compound works by imagenot killing the actual bacteria like antibiotics do but disrupting the communication between them. This stops the bacteria from working as a group so less toxins are distributed at any one time. This then gives the body a fighting chance to deal with the infection. Whats even better about this plant is that it is abundant with it thriving in subtropical climates such as south america, some american states such a Florida. More research needs to be done to ensure that is it effective and safe with so far positive tests on mice having been conducted.

A new antibiotic that is produced by bacteria on African ants is proving to appear effective against resistance forms.This is a new bacteria spices called Streptomyces formicae found from a Fungus growing plant ant. Lab tests have concluded that it can be used against against MRSA and VRE (Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococci ) which are both resistant to more than one bacteria. The ants live in thorny acacia trees that provide a mutual relationship, with the plant providing housing for the ants and the ants stop the tree being eaten by bigger herbivorous as they wont eat a tree with lots of ants on it. The discovery highlights the need to explore different environments to try and find hoe nature could be used to benefit us. Again more research is needed to prove that it is effective and safe.

Hopefully these new discoveries will lead to a new generation of antibiotics or ways of treating diseases caused by bacteria. This would save many lives from not having infections becoming fatal as well as ensuring that it is safe to undergo operations.

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Heath Risks of Rugby

The six nations has started a competition that puts the six nations of England, Wales, Scotland, France, Italy and Ireland against each other in rugby union.


Anyone watching the games on TV is bale to see the colossal impacts that take place in the match with giants of men sprinting at each other only to be stopped by a full contact tackle. These players undergo this kind of intense physical activity every game so what are the health risks of the impacts, constant knocks and brutal tackles.

Short term

With the forces involved in every tackle being as high as the force of a fringe freezer it is easy to see how rugby players sustain injuries particularity due to the fact that player can make over 20 tackles in a single game. This extended over multiple games can lead to the body unable to take any more punishment so injuries occur. Even so it is staggering to know that one in four rugby players will be injured throughout the course of a single season. This figure being three times higher than in football.

 Main Injuries include

  • muscular strains or bruising
  • sprains
  • dislocations
  • fractures
  • lacerations
  • overuse injuries
  • head injuries

As we can see from this list the injuries sustained can be pretty horrific which explains the need for multiple substitutes in a game of rugby. These types of injuries can see multiple players being taken off by a stretcher in a single game which is not what anyone wants to be seeing. Once a injury is sustained should the player be able to carry on playing then tart part can become a weak spot so can become prone to injury. This can have an effect on everyday life not just on the rugby pitch. Spinal and head injuries can in worst case scenarios lead  to loss of a life.


Long term

Repeated Concussion is believed to result in multiple problems with the brain including making players more likely to develop dementia. This is partly caused by concussion going unnoticed or not treated properly when a player feels they can carry on. It is seen as rugby’s number one issue due to the severity of the potential affects as well as little research having being done in this area. It is logical to conclude that them multiple hits cant be the best for the body with having more than four concussions in any sport preforming worse on some neuropsychological tests.

Taking part in rugby will increase the chances of arthritis due to the pressure that joints undergo during every tackle. This can affect any activity due to being restricted in movement with sometimes constant pain.

Another implication of rugby is the alcohol consumption associated, with rugby players drinking alcohol more heavily than in any other sport. This can lead on to other health implications as a result including liver damage and cancer of the throat.

Injuries can cause areas of weakness that can be hurt easily in the future when not even playing rugby. Some spinal injuries can cause paralysis leading to an individual being wheelchair bound for the rest of there life.



Although there is undoubtedly risks in playing rugby there is also benefits such as increased cardiovascular fitness, strength, speed furthermore there are social benefits such as team skills, communication skills and general social interaction. It also helps to release that anger from the system.

It is recommended that players know these risks as well as benefits before putting on there boots. This is with the emphasis that if anything doesn’t feel right or if you should get a knock to the head then it’s best to receive the required treatment. New research is being done on the affect of concussions to fully understand weather they pose any long-term health risks.

I hope u all enjoyed reading my blog which team is anyone else supporting in the six nations personally it England all the way. If you have any suggestions on how to improve my blog or any questions feel free to comment.

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Physics trip to cern

On the Monday of last week I got the privilege of being able to visit the cern hydron collider near Geneva which is in Switzerland.


Cern is a research organization on nuclear particles it has 22 country’s part of the programme that all come together to help fund as well as discover the unknown of the universe. The most well know project going ahead is with the particle accelerators in the large hadron collider which speeds up protons to almost the speed of light before making them collide with sometimes head on collisions. These collisions are then monitored in four detectors Atlas, CMS, Alice and LHcb. It is this process that the Higgs was first discovered in 2012 by Peter Higgs. This later earned him the Nobel prize for physics. This helped secientists to understand the origins of subatomic particles as well as what has happened in the the Big Bang. This breakthough has proven to be a great start in understanding the universe. It is still thought however that over 95% of the universe is still unknown in understanding as well as the make up. This is why the system is still being used and is being maintained as well as improved.


On the trip I was able to go 100 meters underground as got to see the CMS dector which consists of 15 segments that have all been brought down individually by a crane and then assembled once down there. It is 15 meters in diameter and weighs as much as 30 jumbo jets. This is to enable the detector to be able to withstand the high energies involved as well as to maintain accuracy of readings. Even so the detector needs to have maintence done as well as improvem with each layer of the device detecting a different type of particle. When I was there they were repairing the inner layer that takes the most of the beating from the collisions as well as installing even better detection devices. The components of the detector came from various countries including Germany and Italy. It is very much a joint effort with scientists from many differnt natonalitiyies and languages working together to  discover the universe. The CMS has very strong magnets around it creating a magnetic field of 4 Tesla which bends the particles to make sure they stay on the right course. The system uses superconductors that need to be kept at minus 271 degrees celcisus this is achieved by using liquid helium. The CMS detector along with all of the hydron collider will be back in action in 6-8 weeks.


Overall I am very privileged to have been able to see such science, I am really looking forward to see what else will be discovered as well as the understanding of the universe which is sure to be uncovered in the coming years due to cern. I enjoyed my trip away and now know more about the collider as well as the potential that it has for the future.

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VR treatment for vertigo

When we think of vertigo many of us believe this to be a fear of heights or a feeling of dizziness when looking down from a high place e.g sitting in the highest level of a football stadium. In reality vertigo can be triggered by almost any visual stimulus, that varies from person to person. This can therefore limit in someone’s ability to go about daily life as somthing as common a supermarket can cause nausea for several hours or even days in some cases. The exact cause of vertigo is unknown but it could be related to damage of the vestibular system which s part of the inner ear. Ear infections could therefore be a cause.

It is believed that VR could help to rehabilitate suffers by using the equipment to slowly get them used to there triggers so that vertigo is no longet felt. We associate VR as the next gaming platform and it is thought that if little games are incorporated to the programe then suffers will find that visual trigger enjoyable or not even realize what they are seeing being too engrossed in the task. This could potentially the way to let suffers have more freedom without the risk of experiencing dizziness. As wel as helping patients it can also be used as a diagnostic service, I somone is unsure of there trigger then they could be put into differnt environments by the VR and monitored to find what is casing there symptoms. This will also help save time as the quicker the cause is found then the sooner help can be given to combat that visual vertigo.

This can make VR a vital bit of kit for helping people with visual vertigo, with this theory I believe people will star to find other ways in which the technology can be exploited to improve lives. If anyone can think of any other she’s of VR in medicine or rehabilitation please comment below. Thanks for reading I got the information of the BBC so if anyone wants to rad further feel free to explore.

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Sports coaching

I took part in the sure sports leaders course last summer which was one week long and gave me an introduction to sport coaching. During the week I got an introduction of coaching from hockey, rugby, cricket and football. Along with these workshops I also attended a safeguarding and protection of children workshop which was sports coach uk approved. Then finally attended a st. John ambulance essential first aid for all ages.

After completing this week in the summer everyone who attended had to then complete volunteer sports coaching once schools started up again. Everyone kept a log of the amount of hours they have completed with it signed by the appropoite person. I am pleased to announce that after the first term of school I completed the second most number of voluntary hours (27). This got my picture into the local paper of the manx independent showcasing the top three people.image

I completed my hours in various differnt ways, I helped out weekly at my local primary school in running there after school sports clubs which would vary in sports from football to handball. I also completed some full days of volenteering at sport schemes that are run on the island which further boosted my hours. During this time I completed a Austism and asperges training course that further enhanced my coaching ability.

Being a sports coach has given me some valuable experiment as well as improving life skills. When coaching people I always work as a team so this helps my teamwork skills, having to coach young children means that l have learnt how to communicate with differnt ages brackets and has helped my communication in general. When helping out with a session I have came prepared with my own session ideas as well as having to adapt sessions that turned out to be going poorly.  Along the way I have coached some children with disabilities including ADHD, autism, speech impairments and learing difficulties. This has given me a wider understanding of the conditions as well as how best to to talk to them and coach them to allow them same opportunitiities as everyone else. Most importantly is to be able to ensure everyone is included and is having  fun. This coaching has enabled me to boost skills that will help in many differnt aspects of life.

Thanks for reading my question is have you completed any coaching and if so please comment on what you have done and attributes gained by the experiences.

I’m the male on the right of the picture if anyone was wondering.