Christmas troubles



hi guys came across this article in the paper today and thought I’d just comment on what it is about as well as the points highlighted in the article.

In summary it’s telling the public to reframe fro seeing family members over the festive period if you are feeling ill. This is in an attempt to stop the spreading of the norovirus as well as to try and relive the pressure on causality  units that are at there most busiest this time of year. Hospitals are already 95 per cent full with the safe limit being 85 per cent which therefore puts patients at risk of infections or mistakes by worn out staff. Due to this the article recomends not to go to A and E unless they ultimately need to. Instead people are told to phone 111 or see there local pharmacist. The crisis has been blamed on the lack of social care provided from councils that means elderly people become “bed blockers” as they don’t have the facilities at home to be able to be discharged.

This just showcases the problems facing the NHS that are even more apparent  in this busy winter period. It looks As though the pharmacist will have an increasing involvement in the health of citizens. The situation has resulted in many people being turned away from A and E which could be significant in the early prevention of illnesses.

I hope anyone who read this found it informative and if you have any comments or questions feel free to ask. All that’s left for me to say is I hope everyone haves a very merry Christmas.

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