Health risks of frequent air travel

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Considering I am currently sat here at an airport with a hour and a half delay that has left me with time to create a blog on the heath risks of frequent air travel due to my delay here on the Isle of man.

So basically I was reading an article which I will put into this post and it turns out more and more people are staring to travel more frequently due to work related activity, on a business trip. There are three main categories of health risk physical, emotional and social.

In terms of physical risks one of the main being jet-lag which can cause fatigue and gastrointestinal problems as well as an increase in the risk of a heart attack or a stroke. With people being restricted to seats which can lead to deep vain thrombosis or blood clotting which can affect an indidual for a long period of time.

The metal affects can include increase stress and anxiety levels due to the constant need to worry about about travel plans as well as having to go somewhere to which you haven’t been to before. With many frequent flyers being on business the stress of work is also a major factor due to feeling like your getting behind the work load due to time being spent travelling. Any sort of delay or problems along the way will had additional strain on someone’s metal state when they may not be in the best frame of mind to begin with.

Social affects can be damaging to not just the individual but to there family and friends as well. A sense of isolation can be experiencedone by both the traveller as well as the people left at home. Relationships can be damaged due to constant travelling as the person left at home has the extra burden of doing the jobs that they would normally be doing. If a parent is away constantly then the behaviour of the child can deteriterate. This may be due to when the parent is home having to spend the time recuperating from the expenditure of traveling.

As frequent travel becomes more common some of these affects may be seen on a wider scale in the future with research already on the way to try and limit some of these negative affects.

Here is the link to the source used:

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