National Cross Country

On the 25th of February I competed in the National cross country championships at Wollaton Park in Nottingham.


I went on a trip from the island to be able to compete in this competition as I have done for other events and previous years. The national cross country is one which I have attended for the last 6 years and have enjoyed each one with varying degrees of success. As you can probably tell by my placing this time I am certainly not anything special when it comes to running but do it for the fun. I like going out for runs and completing tough training sessions for the self satisfaction that it brings as well as to keep me healthy. It is also a great way to relive stress as well as any other negative emotions. Just being able to forget about everything going on and instead focus on the run, letting the brain have a rest from school work.


By running I have been able to meet lots of different people that all share the same interest as I do. It has therefore been a way of learning how to communicate with others to create new friends and share everyones different experiences. When I do sessions I do them with a group, I find this helpful as it means that I work harder than I would do without them. The feeling of people around subconsciously makes me try harder and also ensures that I attend sessions even when the weather is horrid or when I have no motivation. We all keep each other going in the toughest of sessions then also cheer each other in races to provide constant support to others in the group. So although running is sometimes seen as a solitary sport in reality there are communities created though the sport weather that being groups of runners or the whole club from coaches to officials.


In the future running will remain a way in which I can combat stress weather that be in the workplace or in my personal life, the sport will remain a large part of my life as I continue to train and hopefully improve.

Thanks for reading is anyone else out there a runner if so then what competitions have you competed in or what is your discipline.


P.S Im number 2257 in the red if your wondering

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