Social Media Causes Sense Of Isolation

Social media allows us all to communicate with anyone though out the world and allows instant messaging to friends and family so but it turns out that the use of social media increases the likelihood of feeling isolated.  


A study in 2014 based on multiple social networking sites such as Facebook, Snap Chat and twitter. Over 1500 people ages between 19 and 32 were used for the research with the participants having to declare the frequency and time which they spent on social media by filling out questionnaires. They also used a Patient report outcomes measurement system to assess the physical and mental health of participants. The study showed that people who used a social media platform over 2 hours a day are twice as likely to feel socially isolated than those who only used it for half and hour a day. This along with the fact that participants who visited social media 58 times a week were three times as likely to experience social isolation than those who went on nine times a week.

This information therefore concludes that the more a person uses social media then the more likely they are to feel isolated. Which considering that these networks allow a much more immediate and widespread communication span are actually detrimental to the social condition of the person. There are many theories why this is, one such is that people spending time on social media are doing so at the expense of other activities such as sports or clubs that would enable them to communicate face to face with other people. With the online communication not being as socially beneficial as actual conversations with people. Another theory is due to the nature of social media, everyone puts up posts of how well there life is going and glamorizes there lives. This can have a negative affect on a persons mental health as if already feeling down then looking social media will make some feel jealous due to other peoples supposably stress free lives.


The factor that I think affects the feeling of isolation the most is the exclusion factor. This is when a person doesn’t attend a social event and then the next day or the same night there are pictures on social media that portray the night to be very enjoyable. This can make anyone feel left out even if they were busy for that particular occasion but enhanced when this happens behind there back without an invitation. This is enough to make someone feel cast off, forgotten or unimportant by the group. This therefore leads the sense of being alone when before social media the person may have never even found out.

Social isolation is a growing health concern due to its association with high risk of mortality. With the increasing usage of social networks there is a potential for many more cases of the feeling of social isolation leading to premature deaths. The healthier someone is in the mind then the better they can function both physically and mentally. This makes it crucial to address this growing issue for the future health of the public especially due the the continuation of technology being an ever increasing part of all our lives.

How much do any of you use social media in a week please comment below.

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