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Welcome to my blog, my mind, my thoughts. Firstly, my name is Adeola Adebiyi and I did not start this blog to aimlessly ramble about why I want to have an impact on the World but to be the voice I want to see and the voice that is within each and every person who has a passion. I figure if I can passionately follow pages about food on Instagram and makeup on Snapchat; why not be inspired by what I aim to do in the future through social media? This will be the home of my documented research, my daily inspirations, and my journey to my future career but also self-discovery.

I was largely inspired by a Professor who encouraged me to share my professional desires through the best platform my generation has – social media. I largely appreciate this gentleman for inspiring me to say yes; as opposed to making excuses for why I don’t need to make my voice heard online. It’s so easy to make excuses, but hard to go against the fear of failure and mediocrity if you try. Already writing my thoughts down for my introduction has shown me that I need to be my biggest motivator because you cannot push something forward that you don’t feed or help grow. Well, if a little self-reflection can inspire me to write a blog, then I happily look to the future and content I plan to share. My goal and purpose are to be a future doctor, a (soon to-be) woman in scrubs. My blog will be focused on what inspires me about my future career goals and my unapologetic pursuit of it. Particularly focusing on: nutrition, the epidemic of cancerous tumours in our generation and what it means to be a doctor whilst redefining what is normal. My philosophy is that health starts at the cellular level and should always be the focus.

Thank-you for reading and I hope that you too can be inspired to unapologetically do that very thing which you told yourself you couldn’t. You must.

Girl In Scrubs,
Adeola Adebiyi

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