My goals

Throughout my entire life, I’ve always loved science and medicine, especially herbal and traditional medicine because it shows the development of medicine throughout time. Although I don’t want to be a practical doctor I still thought a blog would still be a good choice to help those who want to become what I want to do, pharmacology, which is quite similar in some respects and pathways can sometimes cross as I have recently discovered talking to St. George’s School of Medicine and it honestly surprised me, I thought that they would be two different pathways completely and it has opened my eyes to a lot of options to take. Do I actually want to be a doctor? But only research and development of drugs.

All these questions are incredibly daunting because I don’t know which is better for what my overall goal is, I want to develop a medical cure for cancer. Honestly, I’ve been put down by a lot of people for this goal, “it’s impossible”, “you can’t do it” as told by a lecturer of biology at Cambridge university and it did annoy me a little, such close mindedness from someone that intelligent; it is my goal to prove him wrong! I want to cure cancer because not only has it effected people close to me, I also have a friend who has a high risk of developing this disease in his thyroid and I made him a promise to try and help him.

I am a year 12 student who is determined to achieve his goals and attends numerous medical talks by medical schools and have been to open days for medicine at uni and what it holds for me if I choose to pursue this path.

I encourage anyone who has a dream to pursue it, no matter who discourages you, how much of an ‘impossible’ task it will be.

This blog will showcase how I am progressing to achieve this goal and will update new information about what I have learned, whether it would be about general medicine facts or thoughts that I have.