Medlink X

This is hopefully the start of a blog that I will keep up until I get in to medical school (if I get accepted) but hopefully I will still keep this blog after that; I would love to share all the new and exciting things I learn on my journey to and beyond becoming a doctor.

At the moment I am really interested in becoming a surgeon (in particular paediatrics or cardiothoracics) however I don’t want to be pinned down about blogging only about those things so I will probably write about everything and anything I find about new advances in medicine or anything I find that interests me.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I attended the Medlink X course in London and found out about all I have to do to become a doctor. I really recommend it to anyone that hasn’t been and is interested in becoming a doctor or a vet.

You learn all about the challenges and obstacles that you would have to face and now I really understand just how hard it is to get into university and then how difficult it is to then study to be a doctor. We heard a talk from a junior doctor about life in the hospital and a medical student about university life. It was a great experience and I particularly enjoyed learning some basic knowledge about how your body works; we learned about breath sounds and what they mean and then participated in an activity to help match up the diagnosis of a patient with their symptoms.

Overall it was an amazing and enlightening day and I am even more enthusiastic to take a career in medicine and to attend the 4 day Medlink trip in the next year or so.


Hello world!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my blog about all things to do with science and medicine! I hope to update this quite often and give you an insight into how my brain works.

I am currently hoping to become a doctor and this is my chance to show my research before I apply to Med School and hopefully if/when I get in, I would like to think that I would continue it past that.

So, if you are reading this, sit back and enjoy…