Okay, so I have just finished my exams and we have been back in Sixth Form for two days for ‘Planning for your Future’ conferences where they promoted the idea of doing an EPQ. I have always had in mind that I wanted to do one but I just didn’t know what to do it on.

I have also just spent a week in the Acute Medical Unit at Southampton General Hospital (which I will be blogging about soon) and thinking back, I have an idea for my project. I was thinking of doing my EPQ based on Parkinson’s disease as when I was doing a drug round with one of the nurses, I was astonished at how fast the Parkinson’s drug worked in relaxing the patient and stopping the tremors. This disease is also very personal to me and therefore I think that it will be very interesting to research it in a lot more depth.

See you soon,

Rachel 🙂