MOOC The science of medicines week 1

So, along with my A levels, I have decided to do a MOOC (massive open online course) in the very little free time I have. They are amazing if you want to know more about a topic (there is no end to the number of different courses they have!) and I would definitely recommend researching more into what they are and doing one yourself! It takes a few (or more) hours per week and consists of a variety of videos, articles and quizzes. The MOOC I am doing is ‘The Science of Medicines’ and I am finding it fascinating- I like to make notes on paper but I also wanted to share the interesting research I have found, with all of you!

I had to make a separate blog for my MOOC research (due to the size of the files) and I will be updating it each week with all of the research I am doing. Here is a link to week 1:



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