Work Experience

On 18th February 2013, I went to Lymington Hospital for the day to get a feel of what it would be like to work around people within a hospital.
When I first arrived I was introduced to Tony who took me down the hall and introduced me to two women who were the guides within the hospital; for one of them it was their first day and she showed me around the hospital. We walked past lots of people in one area sitting and waiting on chairs; they were waiting in line to give blood.The lady took me into one of rooms where a little boy was having his blood taken and we sat and reassured him that it would all be fine despite the little pinch he would feel- it was a great experience even though it only lasted a couple of minutes as it gave me a taste of what being a doctor could be like. She showed me up the stairs through the orthopaedic outpatients to the rooms where you see the consultants. Because she was new she didn’t feel as though she had the right to let me see inside so we walked around through the maternity ward (we didn’t actually go in), round radiology and back to where all of the people were sitting. She was going to show me to the ward but didn’t have enough time and although I was grateful to what she had showed me, I felt really disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to walk around with her and the trolley- giving out food and drink to the patients. We then stood in the hallway and waited for more patients to come along; the guides were there to steer people in the right direction but not only that but they also helped to cheer everyone up as well. It felt great to help people out and I even got the opportunity to help an elderly couple sign in for their waiting appointment on the machines they had by the desk.
One of the ladies showed me a plaque they had put up which had all of the things the money from the League of Friends had payed for. I was astonished at how much it had done for the hospital and one included a new MRI machine in radiology in 2012. I couldn’t believe how much they had done and the lady looked really proud of the team when she was talking to me about it- it made me want to help out even more.
The guides aren’t the only thing that the League of Friends do at Lymington hospital; they also run the cafe and the shop at the front of the hospital. There were two women in the cafe and they told me that they have to run the till and make and serve the drinks to all of the patients; they also have to fill the trolley up before it is taken around the wards to the patients. I wasn’t able to help them in the cafe but I walked around the hospital to the little shop and offered my services there. The lady behind the till showed me what to do and I observed her serving to the customers. She let me fly solo after a while and I served a few customers on my own with her beside me. She talked all about her family and especially her grandchildren but then said she had to leave to go to a game of bowls. She grabbed her bag and coat and left me behind the till all on my own. I sat there in shock but before I could react, there was a customer ready to pay. I managed to serve everyone coming in and it was clear who were there temporarily and who had obviously been at the hospital a long time; some looked exhausted and fed up but most of them were just in there to grab a quick snack after a short appointment. Eventually, the man in charge came back and looked surprised that I was there alone but just laughed as he saw that I was managing just fine. Apparently the ‘youth and their technology today’ is very useful in working in a shop. 😉 The next woman came in for her shift shortly after that and I had to leave anyway so I let her take over.
Overall, it was a really enjoyable day and I look forward to going back and helping out whenever I can.
3/6/13- 14/6/13

For the past two weeks I have undertaken my two weeks of year 10 work experience at Highwood Nursery. It was a great experience and I feel that I have grown as a person as well as learnt many new things.

When I first arrived, I was assigned to work in the preschool department and I was given the grand tour of the place. The pre-schoolers were in a separate building to the babies and the reception and when I walked in the noise was also much higher; all of the children I had to work with were between the ages of 2 ½ and 4. I had previously called to remind them that I would be working there and they had said that they spent a lot of time outside so I was unsurprised to find that my first job was to apply sun cream on all of the children.  However, what did surprise me was the fact that they ate every two hours- most of the time it seemed like most of what I did was clean up after their food and prepare the play area for them to eat again.

There were a variety of children and I was quite surprised how the physical development hardly had any effect on the intellectual development on the children; one particular boy, despite being the smallest and maybe more immature than some of the others, was very clever for his age. Unlike some of the other children, he was able to identify the numbers 1-20 and knew what each colour was when I asked him to identify them for me.

I also think I grew more as a person during my two weeks at the nursery. For example, I was able to use my initiative and help as part of the team when I was needed without anyone asking me to do so. I understood how important it was to work as a team and volunteer my help when it looked like I was needed. I also improved my communication skills with the children and became better at interacting with them as the days progressed. I feel that this particular skill has also helped in other aspects of my life as well; I currently volunteer at my local Brownies and have been for the past nine months but I think that this last week I got along with them much better than I ever have before and I think that they think more of me as well.

Although I enjoyed working at the Nursery and will forever remember the wonderful experience that I had there, I also discovered that working there as a full time job would not be fulfilling enough for me as I think that I would easily become bored with the repetitive routine and would need a change and a little more adventure. I think that life as a doctor could provide me with this as everything in medicine is new and constantly changing and I look forward to being able to do some work experience on a regular basis in a medical environment.

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