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Addenbrooke’s Hospital- day 3


I almost cried sometimes! I don’t know why this ward made me more sad than the other ones. Maybe it’s because the look sick- thin and pale.

The doctor who was carting me around for the day was going to spend most day in surgery so she invited me to go look. It wasn’t the messy kind of surgery with incisions and whatnot, it was the bone stuff with lots of needles!

The first one I got to watch gave me a huge shock, it’s definitely something I’ll remember forever. She gave me the basics of what they were going to do “We’re doing a bone marrow biopsy.” but I didn’t exactly think about what that meant and just stood in the corner to watch. After they set everything up they called the patient in, anethetised, and got in there. All I could think at the time was “this isn’t so bad.” and then it happened- they shoved a huge metal rod into that little child and shook it all about!!! My facial expression changed in an instant, from calm anticipation to shocked and a little bit scared. I didn’t faint or anything but I’ll admit that I was feeling a bit…

The anaesthetist just laughed at me and got on with it.

I know that the bone marrow biopsy may hurt (definitely look horrible) but it’s necessary to help the patient get better. At that moment in time, I was questioning whether I would be able to do that but hey, what’s med school for? The doctor had to do some more bone marrow biopsies and lumbar punctures that day and I eventually got used to it  so who’s to say that I wont be able to do it myself sometime in the future.

The other thing I learned was that some babies are easier to anesthetise than others!

Cystic fibrosis clinic

There were patients ranging from toddlers to teenagers, all accompanied by their parents of course. The parents we all very organised and strict when it came to what they needed to do for their sick child; diet, exercise, the whole shebang! It seemed to be harder for parents of teenagers because you can’t just feed them what they’re supposed to eat no-questions-asked or make a game out their physiotherapy exercises!

The clinic was set up very differently o the ones I’d been into on previous days because it wasn’t just one doctor seeing the patient it was the nutritionist, the physiotherapist, the nurse and the consultant. Dude, some many healthcare professionals walked in and out of those rooms that I got a little confused because the parent and child never seemed to come out. My first time sitting in the clinic, I didn’t know that there was more to come so I followed the nurse when she left the room!

Day 3 complete! Work experience over.

In all 3 of the days I only got to witness 1 patient receiving the news of a diagnosis. In this case it was to an inpatient so the parents already knew that there was something very wrong, they even had a couple of guesses themselves.

Did you get to witness it during any of your placements? If not, would you have liked to? Yay or Nay?

May God bless you,

Diana Perira