Who am I?

I am a student from Newcastle upon Tyne who is interested in pursuing a career in medicine. Through the use of this blog, I will deliver the latest developments in the world of science, breakthroughs in treatments and medicine alongside my own thoughts and experiences that have aided me in my will to study at medical school.


The idea of generating a blog, where the freedom to write about anything and everything is all yours, has always interested me and finally I have decided to create one following the informative yet greatly inspiring talk from James Ridgeway at the Edge session at Medlink in Nottingham (in further detail later). The conference allowed me to truly see if I was cut out for that career path and even if I was actually fully interested in pursuing that career. The answer is of course yes, and I not only thoroughly recommend the experience but I too suggest to try it even if you are uncertain about medicine, because it will clarify whether it is the right choice or not for you! And of course, who wouldn’t cherish a free stethoscope!!!

I currently study the four subjects Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Geography at AS level, all of which I thoroughly enjoy, after I knew the path I wished to take would be science related. The idea of studying medicine has always been prominent in my mind however it is further defined following various trips to hospitals with a broken arm, broken finger or even a dinosaur ( a toy one at that!) wedged in my lip following a fight with my brother when I was younger. Although at the time the immense pain of the injury, and certainly letting everyone else know of it, were forefront in my mind, I take great inspiration from the various professionals that worked succinctly to allow my recovery, thus reassuring me that a career in healthcare is one I definitely want to pursue. I know now that I want to be a part of that team that not only nurtures patients from a point of uncomfortable or life-threatening sickness to a healthy human being. I want to be part of that same atmosphere  which also provides a shoulder to lean on alongside reassurance and support to all patients, family and loved ones at their greatest time of need and to know that I helped them, only if it was just slightly, when they are at their weakest point is what I would love to be able to achieve throughout my career.

Alongside academia, I am actively involved in sports, where Hockey and Netball are my favourites- I have played both to a school, club and regional level and also captained both at different levels which has allowed me to work with valuable teamwork that is essential throughout a career in medicine and further developed my leadership. Sport allows myself to fully switch off and play something I greatly love with people I need to and know that I can rely on! I have also partook in various work experience chances such as a week course at Proctor and Gamble and helped organise school holiday camps, whilst I regularly volunteer at St Oswald’s Hospice, Newcastle which is a truly exceptional and inspiring place to work at (I will come back to this).

Thank you for taking the time to read an introduction of myself! Any comments or advice would be very helpful and appreciated!