Teddy Bear Clinic

As part of our sixth form medic society, to which I am a co-founder, we have planned a ‘Teddy Bear Clinic’ that we will run for the kindergarten class at my school.

The clinic will run once a fortnight on a Wednesday afternoon with the society splitting into two groups and alternating running the clinic.

To secure the idea of the clinic, myself and the other co-founder had to write a letter to the Head of the Prep Department. In this letter we explained what the clinic would involve and how it could benefit both us and the children. (Here you will find a copy of the letter) Teddy Bear Clinic Letter

The following day we received a letter from our correspondent, informing us that he thought our idea would be a great success and that he was impressed by our professionalism.

We then held a meeting with the medic society to finalise our ideas of what the sessions would involve and how we would go about conducting them.

All that is left to do now is to write a letter to the parents of the students explaining what the clinic is and requesting that they each bring in a teddy bear.

The clinic will start on the 24th January and I am excited for the new experiences this will give me.


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